An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi  | Are you proud of yourself, Nancy?  



by Naomi Fisher

It must be a real high to have such power you can destroy the workings of Congress and therefore the Administrative Branch of our Federal Government.

How does it feel, that power? Is it so great you can dismiss the fact you are a danger to our Country? Is it so great you can dismiss the legacy you would be leaving your and our Country’s future generations? A legacy of civil war within our Government therefore against our Citizens?

You, Nancy Pelosi, are one of the strongest, most vocal and most powerful in that war! You are willfully betraying your oath and promises to the public. You were not elected into our Administration to destroy it! You were elected to SERVE our Citizens not wage war against us.

We, whom you consider the untouchables resent your politics, your ruthlessness and your inability to care that you are literally tearing our Country apart. We loathe your blindness to everything except your ability to exert your power.

Certainly our Nation has its problems. We still have racial and ethnic bigotry. We have major drug problems (albeit caused and enforced by our own special alphabet forces). Homelessness abounds, much of it caused by unscrupulous, money hungry, power wielding predators and, inequality of massive proportions still exist. However, as a Nation, we are daily becoming more and more aware of these inequities and trying to correct them. Regardless of all that, the majority of U.S. Citizens have been and still are so much better off than most other Nations in the World. We do not wish to lose our Country. We are willing to do all we can to make it a better Nation. We would rather have you on our side fighting to strengthen not weaken our U.S. But you consistently turn a deaf ear, a blind eye to our pleas; to the needs of us and our Nation.

It angers and frightens us that so many Democrats in powerful positions would rather see our National Leaders fail than try to compromise and work together. You meet with Republicans and at the first disagreement you posture, then quit talking. This unscrupulous civil war you Democrats and Republicans are waging against each other is not only destructive, it is stupid!

What is worse, everything you are doing and saying points to the fact that surely you, personally, have joined with Soros, the Clinton’s, Lord Brown and Joe Biden’s minions – the ilk that wants One World Order. Explain to us please, what that will entail. One World indicates one language and one monetary system. We would like to know if that will be English and the American Standard our Country now uses? If not, will we be given time to learn new ones? Or will they be foisted on us and we sink or swim? Will we retain ANY of our U.S. freedoms? Will we have any rights as One World Citizens? Or, will we fall back into the Soviet Union’s practice of our occupations being dictated and allowed no religion? It’s terrifying to consider we might be living as our ancestors did – your ilk being the Romans and the rest of us slaves!

Regardless, we INSIST the United States remains the United States! Let the UN. find its suckers elsewhere!

President Trump understands what is happening; what your ilk is trying to do. He also understands that the border MUST be closed because of: The drug traffic streaming into our U.S. from Mexico, the coyotes smuggling in women and children for sex trafficking, the fact all the illegals coming in will drain our resources. Granted, at times we wish his mouth be taped shut, but many of us understand, as President Trump does, that our Medicaid, food stamps and welfare are not enough for our current citizens and LEGAL immigrants. If those benefits continue to be given to incoming illegals our whole social service system will collapse. Then none of our current recipients will receive anything! The illegals will be no better off than before. And a vital section of our precious Government will be bankrupt. Yet you say “there is no need for a wall?” I find it hard to believe you are that ignorant of the above facts!

President Trump is correct. This is an emergency. It has been an emergency for decades. Yet no one had the moxie to correct it until President Trump stepped forward.

You understand this. Yet, Nancy Pelosi, you persist in your devilish crusade.

Next, what is all the fuss about the Government Shutdown? Well, basically it is because YOU and YOUR Democrats refuse to cooperate with President Trump. It is well known history that when President Obama wanted a wall most of you Democrats agreed with him. Now you are causing the shutdown, leaving all those dedicated Government workers without pay. Answer honestly: If President Obama had asked for another three or five billion for his wall would you have even raised an eyebrow? Let alone caused a Government shutdown?

It is time for you to stand up and be counted as a true U.S. Citizen, fulfilling your oath to work for the benefit and continuation of our great Nation. Or – Nancy Pelosi, are you really so impressed with yourself and your power, such a believer in entitlement and the “have nots” and in the One World Order that you willingly will do all you can to collapse our U.S. Government and destroy our Nation?

What say you?

Throughout I said we, our and us. That is because the opinions are not mine alone. I have spoken with many, many U.S. Citizens – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, etc., just wherever I happen to be at the moment. All expressed the same desire: Our Country MUST survive. You MUST stop this ridiculous civil war within our Government. We want our Nation intact.

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Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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  1. Robert Marenco January 13, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    Yes…she is and should be.


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