An Open Letter to Representative Steve Knight on Illegal Executive Amnesty

EditorialBy Tony Dolz

Congressman Steve Knight has broken his pledge, prior to the election, to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. Just three months since his campaign promise to residents of the 25th Congressional District, Congressman Knight voted to fund the Obama executive amnesty for over five million illegal aliens. This is the Obama executive amnesty that federal judge Thomas Hanen stopped with an injunction on February 17th for being unconstitutional and in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, among other things. The case to stop the Obama executive amnesty was filed by 26 states, showing the majority of the states in the union oppose Obama’s action.

Readers in Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley be aware, Congressman Steve Knight doesn’t need us anymore, now that the election has past.

Do you feel used? I called Congressman Steve Knight’s office in D.C. for clarification, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Knight’s staffer said that Knight voted to defund amnesty in January but that come February he had no choice: “because it would put Americans at risk.” The staffer at first denied that DHS employees deemed essential, by law, must report to work whether or not a funding bill has been approved, thereby eliminating additional risks to American citizens. That staffer recanted his defense of the congressman’s actions.

I said to the staffer that Judge Hanen had issued an injunction and that there has been no stay or successful appeal. Consequently, that moving forward with the executive amnesty was an illegal act. I then said that as a citizen, I could not allow my Congress Representative voting to fund illegal acts. I said that I expected Knight, without excuses to refuse to fund all activities the judiciary has ruled are illegal acts, including but not limited to the executive amnesty.

The staffer repeated that Congressman Knight had no choice. I proceeded to give an analogy:  What if Obama, in violation of the Constitution, issued a FIAT that USA citizens, deemed by DHS as being enemies of the state, be killed, without trial, on US soil, because doing so could hypothetically save American lives?

One of the allegations from the 26 states filing the suit that justified the injunction, is that President Obama is violating the “Faithfully Execute Clause” of the U.S. Constitution because he has ordered DHS to ignore immigration laws passed by Congress.

I said that Congressman Knight, nor president Obama, has the right or authority to determine what laws, passed by Congress, or mandated by court rulings, to enforce or not to enforce.

The proper role of the Executive is to enforce the laws Congress has passed and funded and to do so in accordance with legal holding by the judiciary. It is the proper role of Congress to legislate and fund ONLY activities that do not violate the Constitution, Acts of Congress and court holdings.

I shared my belief with the staffer, that Speaker Boehner and Congressman Knight had failed in their responsibility to stand for the separation of powers of the Constitution, and failure to exercise the power of the purse, particularly to take a stand against funding activities that the injunction from federal judge Thomas Hanen has temporarily prohibited.

I told him that I held Speaker Boehner and Congressman Knight responsible for not explaining to the people that Congress may not fund illegal activity. I posed that, at least, in John Boehner’s case and that of the GOP establishment, that they did not stand their legal ground and congressional responsibility because they in fact supported amnesty, and that they were playing a games with the voters who had put them in office.

Eventually, the staffer fell silent. It was evident that he was not going to change my mind, and that I was not going to change his. I feel no personal animosity toward Steve Knight and would welcome a clear and convincing explanation for his constituents. What do you think? If you feel strongly about this, pick up the phone and call Congressman Steve Knight at his D.C. office.


Tony Dolz lives with his family.  He recently ran for the local School Board

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