An Open Letter to the President

by Phil Erwin

Mr. President,

I am a member of the Silent Middle: One of the tens of millions of people in our nation who do not consider themselves to be either forcefully Conservative, or irretrievably Liberal. We used to be a Silent Majority, but now our numbers are eclipsed by the combined fringes of our political spectrum, whose members are so committed to their respective ideologies that they refuse to give the “other side” the benefit of reasoned consideration.

This puts me in the company of those whose support you need, and whose judgement of you as President is as yet uncertain. I voted for you, not because I believed you would be a good President, but because I considered your opponent to have proven herself a consistent liar, a privileged-class criminal and a self-aggrandizing con artist. You, at least, had real accomplishments on your resume. You were more than just upturned palms and political posturing; you had actually made things with your life’s energies. Yet, you seemed at times a boor, a bully and a show-off – traits which may have served you well on The Apprentice, but which certainly did not paint you as Presidential material.

The “Never-Trump” crowd had a point. The “Hill-NO!” crowd had a better one.

So I voted for you, but it was a Close-Your-Eyes-And-Pinch-Your-Nose thing, hardly a vote of confidence. I expected you to lose. I absolutely abhorred that likely outcome, though the alternative frankly didn’t fill me with hope.

But you surprised me on November 8th, Mr. President. Big Time. You surprised most of us. And I am pleased to say, you have surprised us in many ways since, even during the “transition” period, when you were so eager to take on the mantle of President that you didn’t wait for January, and we clear-eyed folk in the “Middle” began to see glimmers of hope in the nation’s economic fortunes even before you took the oath of office.

You surprised me, Sir, and you have impressed me. Your Cabinet choices were unexpected, unusual and inspired. Rather than showing you were unworthy of the office, your nominations (with rare exception) have been stellar, and the confirmation process instead showed the Senate to be obstinate, unreasonable, childish and even unpatriotic in their deliberate efforts to slow-walk your nominees and prevent you from efficiently filling out the Government.

Your choice of Neil Gorsuch as your nominee to the Supreme Court was brilliant; and the Democrat response of stonewalling his confirmation was predictable, stupid and utterly pointless. You showed promise as President, while Senator Shumer proved himself to be no better than Harry Reid – which is to say, an utter waste of oxygen.

Your appointment of Nikki Haley to the United Nations was a complete surprise, and once again, an utterly brilliant one. Your choice of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State seemed daring, even risky, but appears to have been another brilliant move. Tillerson is serious, sensible, straightforward and rock-solid. He has in short order begun restoring the confidence of our allies in the leadership and resolve of the United States…

As did your handling of Syria’s gas attack on its own citizens. Your immediate, precise, controlled and message-laden missile-strike on the offending airfield struck me as perfectly Presidential. And your team’s messaging was so effective, even the Liberal Media had a hard time finding something negative to say. (Which is why they said little, and quickly dropped the topic.)

And the way you used that event to pull the Chinese into the discourse about the North Korean menace was inspired diplomacy. Whether planned, or just your instinctive reaction to circumstance, you’ve accomplished something no one in the Political universe thought possible: Moving the Chinese off the dime and into the conversation.

And you accomplished these things, and much more, in your first 100 days.


And yet, as you well know Mr. President, the vast majority of the Media’s coverage of you and your team’s activities is negative to the point of being insultingly snide, and inaccurate to the point of being demented.

So why bother with them, at all?

You’ve raised the notion of doing away with the Press “Briefings” altogether. The Press’ reaction has been, predictably, hysterical. As a rare native Californian who hasn’t yet drunk the Liberal Kool-Aid, I say, “Right on, Dude!” The First Amendment guarantees “freedom of the Press,” but that simply means they are free to say or print whatever they want. Sadly, most of them now use that freedom unwisely, unfairly, dishonestly, and to the nation’s detriment.

But First-Amendment freedoms extend to you, as well; you are free to speak to them, or not, as you choose. I recommend: Not.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and The Hill journalist Joe Concha have both offered good ideas to make Press Briefings more useful (and more fair!) But I believe you should start by putting the nation’s Press on notice that their misuse and abuse of their Constitutionally-canonized status is hurting the nation, and you and your team will not be a party to their destructive practices.

Call a Press Conference, invite them all in, and tell them that it will be the last time any on your team will speak to any one of them, on or off camera, unless and until they each prove themselves worthy of their Constitutionally-elevated status. Tell them you will hold Press Briefings to cameras only until you see reporters’ coverage become consistently fair, even-handed and honest.

Remind them that their Constitutional protections come with the inherent responsibility to seek the Truth, and to speak the Truth. Their opinions, their preferences, their social desires and their political ideologies have nothing to do with reporting the news.And if they can’t keep those personal views from interfering with delivering the Truth to the public, they don’t deserve a seat at the nation’s news table.

Let them submit questions in writing, and let your team decide which questions to answer. Once. None of this repetitious I’m-Gonna-Catch-You-In-A-Mistake nonsense. It doesn’t serve the nation, so your team should refuse to play that game.

Let your team decide whether, and which, reporters to allow back into the room, and whether they will be allowed questions. Because our first-Amendment freedoms also allow your team to decide to whom they will speak.

And have your team create a White House Web site to deliver straightforward, unvarnished information to the nation. The Obama Administration used this method to disseminate propaganda; your Administration can use it to deliver the Truth directly to We, the People. Give the Press strong publishing competition; challenge them earn back the nation’s trust.

As a starting point, I recommend your team take a look at the personnel at One America News Network. Their news coverage is as straightforward, and their opinion shows as informative and as clearly delineated, as any I’ve seen – even more so than FOX News. If your Press Briefings were being given only to the OANN crew, they would be far shorter, and infinitely more informative, than they have been.

Mr. President, we know that Liberals will scream to high Heaven about this. Let the Angels worry about the noise and the nonsense. Those of us in “fly-over” America (and the remnants of Reason still clinging to Hope on the two coasts) will applaud your bold steps to eliminate the bilge and blather that clutter the nation’s airwaves, and give us a clear path to the Truth about what your Administration has done for US today.

Yours Very Sincerly,

Phil Erwin, a watchful fellow Citizen

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park.  He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.)  That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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