And We Ask What Is This New America



By Don Jans

Confusion reigns supreme. We are told now is a time for healing and unity, yet government condoned censorship is imposed on any who would disagree with those calling for unity. We are told now is a time for healing and unity, and yet demands for demonetization and ostracisation are imposed and demanded on any who do not conform.

We are told that President Trump has committed an impeachable offense, and yet the impeachable offense is not defined nor is any specific corroboration given, only generalities and inflammatory rhetoric. We are told that the happening at the capitol was an insurrection while the burning of American cities, the destruction of private property, the looting and stealing of the property of others was simply an outcry for justice and must be celebrated as an American right.

We are told that we all must accept the outcome of what has been proven to be a fraudulent election. That the terms of the United States Constitution were ignored by governors, secretary of states, judges, and local officials is beyond dispute. These people made election law where the United States Constitution explicitly states that is the sole domain of state legislatures.

We are told that we must accept the outcome of what has been proven to be a fraudulent election. Yet we know that millions of illegal votes were cast, ballots were printed and fraudulently competed, and voting machines were manipulated. The evidence is overwhelming. Yet we are told that the fraud was not enough to change the election results and because those telling us such do not want the election results overturned, no audit, no review, or no investigation will take place. The reason we are given is, “because I say so”.

We are told that freedom and liberty is to be cherished, yet calls for cleansing the group that has asked for compete transparency is made a motion, seconded, and supported by those who say they champion freedom and liberty. We are told that we champion free and open thought, yet those who would voice an opinion that is opposed to the party in power are prevented form speaking or communicating.

We are told that we must allow our democracy to work, yet we were never intended to be a democracy for the very reason we are told to allow it to work. We have become a democracy and subsequently the rights of the minority have been taken from them, conformity is demanded and enforced, indoctrination has replaced education, corruption is protected and enabled, and he who would expose the ubiquitous deep state must be chastised, and then destroyed.

We are told that we must honor the new American way, the new American way that has rewritten our history. The new American way to bring about an American way that opposes all upon which our great nation was founded, the protection of the people from the tyranny of government, the protection of the rights of the minority from the dictatorial rule of the majority, the rule of law over arbitrary law, and the protection of due process. All of these great principles now gone because we are told the United States Constitution is an antiquated document, a document that no longer has any applicability to our new modern and woke ways, and that our heritage that shaped who we are, Judeo/Christian principles, also have no applicability to our new modern and woke ways.

We are told that we must honor the new American way, the one where all must conform to the collectivist ideology. We must accept that it is for the good of the collective that they who refuse to conform,  be separated or eliminated. WE ARE TOLD THIS IS THE NEW AMERICA.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Don Jans is a national acclaimed author and speaker.  He is also a lifelong student of history, with a special emphasis on Russian history.  His study of Russian history led to 1917 which led to the study of the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  Don has written five books on the topic of Collectivism (Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism). 

Don has been a guest on numerous nationally and regionally broadcast radio programs.  He is a weekly guest on a nationally broadcast radio program where he discusses collectivism and how it is impacting the United States, relating current happenings to the collectivist agenda.

Don has spoken to numerous groups across the nation on the topic of who and what is the United States and who and what is collectivism. The collectivist movement has called for a transformation of the United States. What is critical for all to understand is what is the transformation; what are we now and into what will we be transformed.  

Don’s speaking approach is the same as his writing approach, and that is to be direct and straight forward with no regard for the current mandated approach of political correctness. 

Samuel Adams said, “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” If we are to remain free, we must be about setting brushfires of freedom. Visit his website:

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Mike Smith
Mike Smith
1 month ago

The problem is, people did not ask ‘What is this new America?’ when voters and non-voters re-elected Barack Obama in 2012.

And America has not become a democracy. America has become a voluntary oligarchy beneath its constitutional republic mandate.

Like it or not, even with unprecedented election fraud, Republican turnout is still too low. The non-voters are (still) the ones choosing America’s fate.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mike Smith
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike Smith

That is rank with the odour of mendacity.

1 month ago

Personally I don’t have a problem with removing the megaphone from habitual liars. Should be more of it.

C. Collier
C. Collier
1 month ago
Reply to  Jamie

Yes, it’s definitely time to silence the socialists, I mean democrats.

1 month ago
Reply to  C. Collier

How desperately droll.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lynn