Angeles National Forest closure- Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog

Mail_AttachmentBy Debra Tash & George Miller

Outdoors hiking  and rock climbing fans are upset about the second closure of the Williamson Rock area in Angeles National Forest (see maps and order below). Some have been complaining about it and also fearing future closures based on overreactions of Park Service people and an implied controlling doctrine of increasingly restricting wilderness access to the public.


We are publishing reports from Kirk MacKenzie of DRA Defending Rural America:


The DRA alert regarding an existing yellow-legged frog closure created a lot of interest, many wondering whether it was real or not. Numerous people investigated with conflicting conclusions. I trust Craig and his conclusions.


From: (Kirk MacKenzie source DRA Defense of Rural America)

Date: January 29, 2014

Subject: Fwd: Up-Date… [DRA] Frogs and Toads Closure

Ok its been confirmed that this picture is real! The guy at the forestry lied to us. And dfw is lying about there not being any land closers from this listing! Rick.

Hey Guys, The closure is a fact. Check on the Angeles national Forest website it’s order #01-11-01. I’ve attached the supporting docs. A $5000 fine if caught walking in the area. It’s called the Williamson rock area, ~1000 acres are closed. The closure is a result of our good friends, the Center for Biological Diversity suing the USFS. Now whether the the road closed pix are real or not is different issue. The sign is probably legitimate but the road with the cones who knows. If anyone is interested call Sherri Rolman at 626-574-5205; she is the Public Affairs Officer at the Angeles National Forest headquarters in Arcadia, CA.
Cheers…..Craig (Lindsay)
President, Western Mining Alliance


There were some older reports which didn’t really add to the story. It’s questionable whether there was any secrecy on the part of the Forest Service since they posted it on their web site.  Most likely just bureaucratic confusion. But their intentions have not been determined.


Maps (closure is down near Route 2):



ORDER NO. 01-14-01

Exhibit A

The boundary of the Williamson Rock Closure Area begins at the intersection of
California State Highway 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) and the Pacific Crest National
Scenic Trail in Township 3 North, Range 9 West, Section 7, San Bernardino Base and
Meridian; then continues due north to its intersection with Little Rock Creek; then
continues due west to its intersection with the High Desert National Recreation Trail
(Forest Trail No. 10W02) in Township 3 North, Range 10 West, Section 11; then
continues due south to its intersection with California State Highway 2 in Township 3
North, Range 10 West, Section 14; and then continues east along the northern edge of
California State Highway 2 back to the point of beginning.




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Williamson Rock Closure

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