Angry Citizens descend upon Ventura School Board over “HitlerGate”/Trump lecture and District mishandling

By George Miller

8th graders speak “truth to power” at board meeting

25 angry Citizens showed up at City Hall Thursday, 12-13-16 for the Ventura Unified District School Board, concerned about the so-called “HitlerGate” lecture at Anacapa Middle School on 11-18-16.  13-14 made public comments. The ink wasn’t even dry on the swearing-in for two new board members earlier in the evening before they felt the fury of these people- two of them were 13 year old 8th graders who stared down board members and contradicted the official school administration version of what happened. One  member of the assembled group described it as “speaking truth to power.”


Anacapa Middle School Student President Ryan Hill (L) and Vice President Kaycie Kwasney “speak truth to power” at 12-13-16 Ventura Unified School Boar Meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/


Without repeating everything written in our articles 1 and 2 in this series, a Ventura Anacapa Middle school teacher had a guest lecturer (Sheila Lowe) in to present on “graphology” (handwriting analysis). She and the teacher allegedly seriously violated school policies in how it was done. The highlight (lowlight) was when Lowe allegedly compared Trump to Himmler and Hitler and even showed an image of Himmler beside Trump. All this only two weeks after a field trip to The Museum of Tolerance, where Third Reich despots were vilified. Ryan Hill, student president, was there, incensed about it and told his mother, Nancy Hill. She experienced unsatisfactory results with the school district when inquiring about school policies and demanding corrective action. Principal, Barbara Boggio even offered to set up an appointment with the school psychologist for her son, which irritated Ms. Hill no end. The administration attempted to stonewall the mother and, later,

So she contacted Citizens to tell us about it. We were a bit skeptical at first, but the more we looked, the worse it seemed. What we found and what multiple students in the class said they saw led to an article about it read by many people, some who acted upon it. Parent Nancy Hill filed a formal complaint, which triggered another article, and more supporters from school families, which led to people coming to the School Board meeting, since they were unhappy with the district’s response. More are concerned  but fear that stepping forward could have unfavorable repercussions for their children or themselves. We are told that a  few didn’t think it would do any good to protest, but we weren’t able to determine their identities.


The board meeting

I learned that this issue was not on the 12-13-16 board meeting agenda and asked the Superintendent’s Assistant, Martha Macias why not. She told me that it was being handled by the school administration. I remarked that it seemed that there was an impasse between the administration and the parent/plaintiff, so it should be elevated to the board, especially since a formal complaint had been lodged by a parent. Since this was the last meeting of the year, some concerned people decided to come speak out at this session to make it very clear to the board and administration that the situation is unacceptable and that they won’t just go away.


VUSD Superintendent Dr. Michael Babb (center), School Board President Velma Lomax at 12-13-16 meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam,

The early part of the meeting consisted of a reading of the district vision & mission statements, which included phrases such as providing an exemplary, balanced education and holding themselves accountable for that. Hold that thought, because the group came here to discuss the district not doing just that in at least one instance.

That was followed by a very long, drawn-out, festive swearing-in of new board members and numerous alternately joyous and tearful farewell speeches to the older ones. Some of the visitors noted that some of it seemed rather smug and self-congratulatory.

The subject of this article, the lecture in question, was not on the agenda. So the speakers undertook to create their own agenda item, under #14-  public comments on items not on the agenda. The only problem with that is the Board/Supt., according to policy, do not respond to these comments, which are allotted 3 minutes apiece.

In addition, it was announced that the public comments section of the meeting would be postponed until AFTER what turned out to be a very long break/refreshments session to further celebrate the changing of the guard and last meeting of the year. Some thought this was done to discourage speakers and bring in reinforcements. But the reason given was that to do otherwise would inconvenience those who planned to leave earlier and there were 18 public comment cards submitted ~ 54 minutes. It is interesting to note that we were told that the parents of the teacher involved showed up, as well as as a couple of good teacher friends, who spoke up for Ms. Curtis Abbe, although they did not weigh in on the incident in question. 

Most speakers cited the incident, some the specifics, or why they thought it was wrong . Some also delved into what they thought the underlying problems are. A couple even listed some remedies, which included reprimanding the teacher, retraining district personnel, public apologies, banning Sheila Lowe and other sub-standard speakers from the district, ending political indoctrination.

Nancy Hill, mother of Ryan Hill, spoke first and set the tone. She objected to a politically biased material presented, which she said was very controversial. She said she spoke to her son about what happened and was sufficiently concerned about what she heard to contact the Superintendent and ask about policy concerning this. She said she received no answer and was also not satisfied with the response of the Principal and then called She thinks that the teacher is “very qualified,” but was concerned that she allowed in such a lecture well in violation of policies BP 6144 and 6145.8. She demanded an apology to her son.

Her son Ryan, student class President, followed, supporting what she said and what he had told us before which has appeared in other articles. The notes his talk was based on appear below, as do those of student class Vice President Kaycie Kwasney.


Daron Palermo. Photo: Marc Langsam,


Roland and Gloria Massey Chinea. Photo: Marc Langsam,

Daron Palermo, a parent and friend of the Hills, backed them up, felt that Supt. Babb should be accountable and said “I’m not going away.” Gloria Massey Chinea, standing with her husband Rolando, both Cuban-born refugees and naturalized American Citizens, invoked the tyranny of Castro and compared propaganda here with there. She thanked Ryan and Kaycie for speaking up. Looking up at the Supt. and board, she noted that this had “happened on your watch.” She noted that Lowe hadn’t compared Hillary to any dictators to Hitler. She dismissed graphology as  “pseudo science” and lamented the (political) indoctrination of young people. She said she knows Socialism and knows what can happen to children’s minds. Richard D’Alessandro, veteran and retired International businessman, admired the courage of “the boy” (Hill) and the other student (Kwasney) and said the parents had done a good job and that the school should be presenting balanced information.  At one point he admonished Supt. Babb to pay attention to him. He said when someone contacts the board, they deserve a response, that working parents try to raise children while keeping their jobs and don’t necessarily have the time and ability to address such situations.

Several people assembled during breaks and outside council chambers noted that both outgoing board members (President Golden and Vice President Fitzgerald) made what they said were snarky/inappropriate comments about the election which revealed their biases. While that’s fine in private, many think it’s not a good idea to use the board meeting as a forum for that. But it is much less appropriate to do it in a class room, because of the need for balance and lack of bias, even in informal situations involving teachers on campus. District policies actually address it rather well, according to people contacted who took the trouble to read them.

In all fairness to the board, the complaint was only filed recently, is still in the pipeline and two new board members were just barely sworn in when this hit them. But I think some members of the public are expecting some answers in the not-too-distant future. The previous stonewalling wasn’t effective and only made it worse. Ms. Hill said that open discussion and quick action would have satisfied her and that would have been the end of it for her. But instead, the administration hunkered down and lawyered up. Yes, lawyered up. It seems that they have retained the firm of Atikinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, of Cerritos to handle the matter. Ms Hill was contacted by one of their attorneys, Sukhi Ahluwalia, who wants to set up an appointment with student Ryan Hill. A little checking with highly placed people from other districts suggested that this firm is funded by the “Joint Powers Insurance Authority.” It is often retained by school districts to insure against/help mitigate liability and focuses on that, to the best of our sources’ knowledge. One of those people told me that the “investigation” underway by the firm would likely be more skewed toward liability mitigation rather than a balanced look at the situation and best practices for mitigating harm, regardless of whatever lofty objectives are stated. So, in other words, we may not be seeing an ombudsman role assumed by the firm. Time will tell.

Some written statements of speakers

Note- S.I.C.- some of these seem to have been written on cell phones and lack some of the grammatical niceties of a desktop MS Word approach. Some live comments were abbreviated from the statements shown or ad-libbed.


Photo: Marc Langsam,

Ryan Hill, Student President, Anacapa Middle School

Notes…  First off, Mrs Abbe’s dear friend (as she called her) Sheila Lowe, came in to my language arts class wearing a Hillary pendant. That sure caught me and my friends attention. And then she said the election just ruined her birthday, why do we have to know that? What a great introduction about Handwriting. I got a bad feeling. But to make things worse, she said all good comments about Hillary and made her out to be “perfect” and doesn’t need to be compared to anyone or have anything bad said about her. But then we go onto Donald Trump, she has a picture of Heindrick Himmler on the projector, one of the most gruesome nazis and people known to man, and says Trumps characteristics are like Adolf Hitler’s when the whole point of her coming in, was to teach us about Handwriting. She also said Donald Trump is not the same person on Television as he is at home because his writing is not like his signature. I just don’t get why she would say this stuff. Allegedly, Superintendent Michael Babb says he would believe a teacher over a 13 year old kid. Why would I want to lie about this whole thing when in the article it states I have gone on many fields trips with her and says positive things to show I think of her as a good teacher? I guess that’s just the VUSD Board mindset.

Kaycie Kwasney, Student Vice President, Anacapa Middle School

My name is kaycie kwasney. i am vice president of anacapa middle school where i am in eighth grade gate language arts and history. At first when shiela came into our classroom i didn’t think anything of it and i saw her hillary pin and i figured that was ok because she was not pushing this belief upon us. When she first was talking i thought what she did was cool and that that was all she was going to talk about but then she pull up a slide that had a note written by hillary clinton and she had nothing but good things to say about her she then got to donald trump and said things about his writing that was illogical and she had obviously not just determined this from the writing in front of her. When i tried to reason with her by saying this writing looks intelligent she cut me off and would not let me go on and when someone else tried she the pulled up the slide with hitler’s right hand man (heinrich himmler) she compared his signature to heinrich himmler and talked about how it also looked like hitler’s writing. When she was talking about this it seemed like she wanted to convince us with this slide. This also explained the hillary pin.when she compared donald trump to adolph hitler i was very shocked at why she was even telling us this because i did not see the connection with adolph hitler and handwriting analysis it was very odd. I do not feel that this was planned by anyone but shiela lowe and feel that she should have assumed she was not to be be biased or that the mrs.abbe could have said something.



Photo: Marc Langsam,

Michael Hernandez, math department chair at Vista Middle School

Dec.13, 2016

Ventura School District President and Board Members:

My name is Michael Hernandez, I am a math department chair at Vista Middle School, with the LAUSD and a former Assistant Principal at Isbell Middle School in the Santa Paula School District.

As an educator, I came to address my concerns with the learning process and the development of Extended Thinking (Level 4) related to the election of Donald J. Trump at Anacapa Middle School.

LAUSD is a proponent of the Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, Bloom’s Cognitive Process Dimensions, the 5E Model of Instruction, the Coherence model of Fullan and Quinn, and the Structured Teaching Model of Fisher and Frey.

All these learning models and practices advocate analysis and critique of anything mentioned in class, particularly if bias and opinions have been openly stated in the classroom as  evidenced by  an outright attack on the character and motivations of our nation’s 45th President.

I strongly believe that our classrooms are not meant to be a watered-down environment void of thought—rather they are to be a collage of viewpoints freely expressed that openly and equally discuss opposing viewpoints whether we agree with them or not.

I strongly believe in a gradual release of responsibility within the classroom where teacher allows students to formulate their own viewpoints and thinking process independent of bias from the teacher or outsiders.  For this to take place, the classroom must be a place where both sides of politics are addressed (not just the Progressive position but Conservative viewpoints as well).

I strongly believe that students who were forced to listen to the raves of an outside speaker on the dangers of Mr. Donald Trump need also to be exposed to the diverse supporters of the nation’s President elect with either a Latino or Asian speaker in January prior to the inauguration on Friday, January 20th.

We The People who support Donald J. Trump are more than willing to provide the Ventura School District with such a speaker.

Respectfully submitted,

Mr. Michael Hernandez

Port Hueneme Resident/

Concerned Educator



Photo: Marc Langsam,

Lea Williams, Deputy Central California Field Director for the Trump Campaign, and also the Ventura County Captain.

Hello My Name is Lea Williams, I am the Deputy Central California Field Director for the Trump Campaign, and also the Ventura County Captain.

I’d like to thank the board for taking the time to allow us the time to speak. It’s a pleasure to be be. Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I applaud the other concerned citizens who had the courage to come and respectfully share their concern.

I have a son in Ventura County so this the event that we are speaking about tonight is of great importance to me.  My degree is in Legal Assisting and Paralegal Studies so following protocol is how I tend to view things.

On 11-18-16, Graphologist, Sheila Lowe spoke at the Anacapa Middle School classroom where students have come forward stating Sheila Lowe compared President-Elect Trump’s handwriting to Adolph Hitler and/or Heinrich Himmler, perpetrators of the Third Reich and the Holocaust which is an extreme stance showing bias.

I’d like to note that a graphologist can be trained in only a few months to receive a certificate which does not require expertise and can be subjective to the individual graphologist especially if that individual may have deep beliefs and biases. This matter seems to be one of those instances.

As parent of a senior in high school in Ventura County, I would like to know:

  1. What are the checks and balances that ensure that each and every classroom has, as what your policy states, “an environment free of discrimination”? Having biased speakers goes against the policy you have in place.
  2. What is the protocol that you have actively in place to be sure that invited speakers are vetted, clearly made aware, and compliant to your policies? What is your vetting and approval procedure for speakers? What procedure do you have in place to be sure this does not slip through?
  3. What procedure is in place in each classroom for teachers to freely stop a speaker who is not in compliance with District policy thus protecting the teacher and the student?
  4. What is the penalty once a breech in District Policy has been committed by a speaker?Is there a Master list with the district of offenders who have broken discrimination policies to ensure they do not make it into other classrooms throughout the county?

Lea Williams

Deputy Central California Field Director for the Trump Campaign

Ventura County Captain


George Miller, Retired management consultant, Citizen Journalist

Statement  by George Miller for Ventura Unified School District Board Meeting- 12-13-16

You’ve heard the comments from students, parents and others in the community tonight regarding the regrettable lecture in Ms Curtis-Abbe’s class.

(Added comment on District mission of excellent, balanced education and holding themselves accountable)

I wasn’t there, so my views are based upon credible allegations– not just from Ryan, but from and about others’ words, plus a little research into the nature of the players. Before writing two articles about it, I spoke extensively to Ms. Hill, who put Ryan through the third degree before she ever approached school district personnel. The students seem to otherwise like and respect Ms. Abbe, but saw a wrong committed and spoke up, not all publicly. Isn’t that the right thing?

I heard that today Principal Ms. Boggio and a counselor came into Ms. Abbe’s class. I heard that Abbe broke down crying and regretted offending anyone. That’s a little short of an apology, but a step in the right direction.

It’s bad enough that this occurred, but lying about it afterward is even worse. Incredibly, the district viewed the students, parents and this reporter as liars instead. I was castigated by the Superintendent, told my article was factually incorrect and told to take it down. You will notice that it is still up there and joined by a second one and soon by a third.

Unlike the Supt., I did not throw out the words of multiple student witnesses, simply because they happened to be minors. Dr. Babb told me he would go “with the adult in the room.” Incredibly, that was before he or anyone in the school had even spoken to the students. Only after Nancy Hill filed a formal complaint did anything at all happen.

So there are 3 important aspects to this:

1- What really happened in the classroom, the lead-up to it and follow-up action? If allegations are true, and it looks like they are, it is totally unacceptable.

2- How was it allowed to happen? What policies &  laws were violated?  Multiple ones if the allegations are correct.  Regulations BP6144, 6145.8 seem well-designed to prevent such things from happening.

3- Why was there no corrective action taken?  Dr. Babb wrote me that no action was taken because my article in was “non-factual.”  Never mind the testimony of the students and a formal complaint from a parent. He was basically calling them liars.

I twice told school officials that I would run their version of the story and remove anything from the article proven to be untrue. So far, their version has NOT been forthcoming. Neither have I received the lesson plan and presentation materials I requested- in writing. Dr. Babb denied nearly everything except the presence of Graphologist Sheila Lowe in the school. He denied that she mentioned Himmler or Hitler, denied that she compared either of them to Trump or showed pictures of any of the infamous men with or without Trump- which directly contradicts multiple students.

The Principal told me she did not vet Sheila Lowe. Was she vetted by her good friend and class teacher Laurie Curtis-Abbe? Now the District has turned hired gun lawyers loose on Ms. Hill and also had her son interrogated in school last Friday by an Assistant Principal. Did you advise her and other parents of that beforehand and tell them that she could be present or merely decline?


I would suggest an apology to Ryan, his mother and any other students and guardians affected– the whole district and community. A letter posted and a youtube video/DVD’s would be in order. I would suggest corrective training for the teacher and all faculty. I would suggest that Sheila Lowe never darken your doorway again.  I would even suggest that Ryan’s participation in this protest become his term project and that he be given extra credit for his civic activity. He is a very brave, determined young man to face you down, with all of your authority, putative credibility and power over him. I salute him and his mother for backing him up and urge you to learn a badly needed lesson from both of them.


Debora Baber Savalla

On Tuesday evening 12/13/16, I attended the Ventura Unified School District Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting. I went to support a brave young man, his friends and student colleagues, and his mother in her complaint about a classroom guest lecturer, Shelia Lowe.

Ms. Lowe began her November 18th lecture about signatures and handwriting by announcing that “the (Presidential) election had ruined her birthday”. She was wearing a Hillary Clinton pin, and when talking about Clinton’s signature and handwriting, Ms. Lowe had only positive remarks and observations. Her discussion of Donald Trump’s handwriting was altogether different.

Sheila Lowe likened our President-elect’s and soon-to-be 45th President of the United States signature and handwriting to that of Himmler’s, Adolph Hitler’s butcher. Sheila Lowe also intimated that Trump, Himmler, and Hitler shared personality traits.

This dangerous and outrageous presentation to captive, 8th-grade students is pure propaganda. It does not conform by any measure to the District’s stated mission or the requirements of State and Local education authorities. One day these young people will be our adult leaders and they go to school for education, not indoctrination. Further, I do not exaggerate when I say how  appalled, alarmed, and deeply concerned I was by two additional interactions I witnessed at the December School Board meeting. The propaganda in our Ventura school system is pervasive and widespread as evidenced by two outgoing, long-time board members and the content of their remarks at the meeting.

Debbie Golden and Barbara Fitzgerald were being honored for their combined 31 years of service to the Board. In their remarks, these women made hostile and not-so-veiled references about “challenges and dangers” posed by the incoming Trump Administration. The most chilling part of Debbie Golden’s and Barbara Fitzgerald’s remarks is that most people in attendance likely would not recognize what was said as propaganda, so complete has the indoctrination been.

The second chilling incident occurred after my and like-minded citizens’ remarks during the public comment phase. It was in response to our collective statements.

The young man, a fellow student-colleague of his, and his mother spoke first. Their remarks included recitations of the students’ experience that resulted in the mother filing a formal complaint. All three individuals made clear through their spoken and written words that none of them was blaming the teacher, Laurie Curtis-Abbe. The balance of their supporters, me included, didn’t reference the teacher so what followed was alarming.

A dozen people spoke after our contingent did and without fail, all spoke on behalf of the teacher. Essentially they served as character witnesses for Ms. Abbe. Why is this so alarming? It was alarming because our purpose was to support this young man, his family, and his friends, in their efforts to bring a dangerous situation to the attention of authorities so that the authorities could act on it. We were not there providing remarks as a referendum on Ms. Abbe and her teaching. We were there, however, to provide a referendum on the way the School Board has handled the complaint thus far and to demand remedies to prevent further propagandizing of our youth.

A two-part remedy is being sought. It includes:

  • A public apology from the School Board, Principle, and administrators to the parents and students of the classes Shelia Lowe spoke to.
  • A published plan of education for teachers to help them weed out propaganda and bias from their lessons, guest lecturers, and classroom activities.

I no longer have any school-aged children in my immediate sphere of influence, but that does not relieve me of the responsibility to speak out about the education of our youth because one day these young people will be our leaders.


REMARKS MADE ON 12/13/16 at the Ventura School District Board’s Regular Meeting

My name is Deborah Baber Savalla.

Superintendent, Honorable Board Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, Educators, Parents, Students, and fellow citizens.

It’s the season, Yes, ‘tis the season: MERRY Christmas…HAPPY Hanukkah…HAPPY New Year…But I am sad. I am very, very sad because of what I learned happened in a classroom.

The Board’s mission, your mission states that a “balanced education” will be provided. But there is no balance when an invited guest instructor walks into a classroom sporting a Hillary Clinton button and announces that the Presidential election result “ruined her birthday”.

Your mission further states that you will “motivate the students to choose THEIR life paths. It says THEIR life path, not yours, not the teachers, not the principles, and certainly not the guest lecturer’s life path but the student’s path of HIS or HER choosing. It is THEIR life path.

At the end of the day, you are the senior oversight administrators of our youths’ education. You can’t do anything about that which you don’t know has occurred. Now you know. And now we want a public apology and a published plan of education for the educators to weed out propaganda.

Let this be the END of this day and greet tomorrow as a NEW day for education and learning in our schools as we educate and support the next generation and as we all work together to Make America Great Again.


Businessman and parent Doug Frost, who has been following this all along, told me “the kids did right. I’m on their side. We’re fighting the biggest Liberal occupation there is…. So, things like this tend to get sidelined….. Education should be well-rounded.” He went on to make more comments about biased education and said they claim to only want the kids to be better. “It comes down to whose side you’re on- it’s gotta be both.”

One other person present at the meeting later had multiple conversations with me. He appears to know the district but declined to speak or be identified here. He said Allison Lucic also spoke, in very general terms.  He also described one speaker as conflicted by “nepotism.” He described teacher Curtis-Abbe as a “sacred cow,” due to her longevity, being “homegrown,” contacts, teaching talent and being well-liked by the students. Even the complaining students seemed to agree with that assessment

He saw this all as a test to see if the mission statement is really being carried out. Three of those present to observe or speak told me that were also struck by that. He further opined that district leadership seems to think they’re doing fine and something like this is merely a one-time occurrence, but is really the result of broader “inertia” and “no accountability.” He noted that new Board President Lomax is very well-regarded, involved with the robotics division, Ventura HS and works for Tiffany Morse. He opined that Superintendent Dr. Babb is still feeling his way into the position. Except for a three year period, Babb has worked in the district since 2001, but assumed his current position a little over a year ago.



This speaker attacked for “trying the case in the newspapers” and opined that we should wait for the “investigation” to play out. He also felt that the word of “one or two students” was not sufficient to make a case.

He needs to understand that there would likely be no investigation or maybe not even a formal complaint, if it wasn’t for the issue first being aired here. Of course that likely wouldn’t have worked without such remarkable people as the students and one mother who stood up. There is much more than one or two students telling their story. Much more is in the articles published and more information gathered in confidence. Other students have also talked about this but weren’t ready to go public.

A couple of district teachers testified as to how passionate, thorough and dedicated Ms. Curtis-Abbe is as a teacher, as did one student who has not been taught by her, we were later told. But they did not address the incident or allegations specifically. 

For Photos of this Meeting please visit Photographer Marc Langsam’s website: HERE

Note: California teachers credential holders’ oath/responsibilities

Note: VUSD School board meetings – next: 12-13-16

DECEMBER 13, 2016 Agenda Attachments Minutes (not available at publication time)




So, you may be asking yourself, why did we go to so much trouble and write not one, but three articles about this one incident in just one school? 1- because it appears to be a fairly outrageous case and the district response was even worse. 2- Because it is not at all an isolated case. It might actually be  just  the tip of the iceberg. We have heard anecdotal evidence of many more, some in the district and hard evidence of others, even in recent days- at Orange County Community College, for instance and back East in Rhode Island. Just try Googling “political bias in the schools.” You’ll find some hyperbolic judgments and “urban legends” in there, but also specific examples and ideas for dealing with it.

Granted that the very controversial election contest pushed passions to a high, but this existed beforehand too, not just on one side. But there are very few students who will call out the perpetrators and even fewer parents who have the courage, resources and persistence to push it hard and seek other resources to see something like this through to a satisfactory conclusion. Ms Hill presented herself as a behind-the-scenes “soccer mom” type who works quietly behind the scenes and doesn’t rock the boat.- but this was too much and was merely the last straw. But, otherwise, whatever she was doing and whatever the district was doing with the kids seems to have been mostly working, as her kids thrived in the environment.

People we have talked to hope that the district will learn, grow and improve from this, not assume a defensive crouch, offensive response and/or stonewall families.


Ventura Unified School District

Compliance Officer:  Kristin Mayville <[email protected]>

Board:  Mary.Haffner <[email protected]>; Velma.Lomax <[email protected]>; John.Walker <[email protected]>; Jackie Moran <[email protected]>; Sabrena Rodriguez <[email protected]>

Principal: Barbara.Boggio <[email protected]>

Supt:  Michael.Babb <[email protected]>


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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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Excellent article. I’m proud of the students and parents who are not afraid to stand up for their rights. A quality education without political bias and propaganda pressure/influence is paramount. I hope this becomes a valuable lesson to those who try to use young minds to further their narrow beliefs.

Mark Savalla

Communist Rules for Revolution
These nine rules were seized in a raid in Dusseldorf Germany, in 1919.
The files were marked, “Communist Rules for Revolution”.

1) Corrupt the young: get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.
Tune into MTV
Comments and Remarks

2) Get control of all means of publicity. Get peoples’ minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities.
Comments and Remarks

3) Divide people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.
Democrats are experts at class warfare and race baiting.
Comments and Remarks

4) Destroy the peoples’ faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and . (speak against, condemnatory utterances)
Comments and Remarks

5) Always preach;true democracy; but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
Comments and Remarks

6) By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit; produce fear of inflation, rising prices and general discontent.
Comments and Remarks

7) Foment strikes in vital industries; encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward these disorders.
Comments and Remarks

8) By special argument cause a breakdown of the old moral virtues; honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.
Comments and Remarks

9) Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view of confiscation of them and leaving the population helpless.
What political party is constantly trying to bring about more gun laws ontop of gun laws?

Moses Mora

The above piece (of shit) presented by Mark Savalla is ridiculous. He wants us to believe it is a communist document from 1919 and point #1 is to get kids interested in sex and MTV. Look at every other point remembering that this is all supposed to make sense in the world as it existed in 1919. Laughable and pitiful.

Larry A

Overall, this looks pretty relevant to recent Administration policy. If Mr Savalla did not mention when this was written, I’d think this was a modern statement.
Too bad many critics have to attack, instead of debating on the merits of their position.

William "Bill" Hicks

What would the newly elected Board Members response be if they were told how they are the kind of people that affect the long term lives of children and then said they had the same characteristics of a very famous man. Then I told them, from their handwriting, I determined they were very close to being identical to Charles Manson?

Do you think they would be pleased with being identified that way? How do you think the people that voted them into office would feel?