Anonymous to ISIS: “We will lay waste to every digital tool you have to fight”

Anonymous, a loose association of online hackers, claims to have taken down 5500 ISIS online accounts in 24 hours and promises much more. They boasted: “We will lay waste to every digital tool you have to fight.”  They also said “governments do not have the resources, the manpower, the will, to fight back….”

Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts – 24 Hours AnonymousLogoAfter ISIS Called them “Idiots”

Anonymous’ biggest operation ever is in full battle flight. #OpParis, the largest Anonymous campaign has so far successfully taken down 5500 social media accounts related to the terrorist group ISIS 24 hours after ISIS called Anonymous “idiots.”

The Anonymous vs ISIS showdown is only the beginning, with Anonymous vowing to wipe the Internet stage of all ISIS activity, rendering ISIS impotent of their recruiting network online.

It comes at a time when Anonymous calls for world unity against ISIS. “Our capability to take down ISIS is a direct result of our collective’s sophisticated hackers, data miners, and spies that we have all around the world. We have people very, very close to ISIS on the ground, which makes gathering intel about ISIS and related activities very easy for us,” Alex Poucher told RT.

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Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts After ISIS Calls Them “Idiots” AnonHQ

AnonHQ1 day ago
ISIS has vowed counterattacks:

Important Must Retweet and inform all Ans”aar Please #Warning , #Hackers #IslamicState

— مھندس عامرالباکستانی (@Amirbakistani30) November 17, 2015


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