Another Oxnard water main break

By Dan Pinedo

Just weeks ago, a large water main broke near 101, cutting off  Oxnard’s outside water supply.  Now, a smaller, 60+ year old water main has broken on Edison and Dewayne, near the Ormond Beach Power plant. Crews were hard at work on repairs when we came by today.


Play video clip: Water Pipe Break at McWane and Edison


We spoke to City employee Daniel Sanchez. He stated that the break occurred at about 11:50 on June 30. 2015 and that the pipe is 1950s era. Per Oxnard resident Barbara Pinedo, it is a 16 inch steel pipe carrying potable water.It supplies the Ormond Beach power plant nearby.

While this break is not as serious as the last one, it helps bring attention to the city’s increasingly grave problem of greatly deferred maintenance, resulting in decaying infrastructure.


60+ year old water main gives way in Oxnard. Repairs underway. Photo: Dan Pinedo



Location of the water main break: Edison & Dewayne, in Oxnard. (GoogleMap)


Repairs underway on Oxnard burst water main on Edison. Photo: Dan Pinedo


Dan Pinedo is a Citizen Journalist residing in Oxnard

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