Anti-Racist MLB Expands Access to Racist Pariahs


By Kathleen Brush, Ph.D.

One day before Rob Manfred moved the All-Star Game from Georgia to “demonstrate our values as a sport,” MLB inked a deal to expand MLB access to nations that reign on the racist pariah list. This includes Myanmar, Brunei, Malaysia, the Maldives, Pakistan and China.

Buddhist-majority Myanmar is currently being investigated by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity related to the ethnic cleaning of its Muslim Rohingya population. 

In Brunei, Malays are citizens, but this is rarely so for the 15% of the population that are Bruneian-born Chinese. They are stateless, receive substandard educations and health care and are forbidden from owning property or businesses. In Malaysia, Chinese- and Indian-Malaysians, about 30% of the population, are similarly second class citizens.

In the Maldives discrimination is legally institutionalized against anyone not Sunni Muslim. Only Muslims can be citizens and freely practice religion. Only Sunnis can run for office.

Slavery in Pakistan was legally abolished in 1992, but it persists from one generation to the next. Pakistan is 97% Muslim. Most slaves are Hindu Dalits. They number about 3 million.

Also, on April 1, MLB expanded distribution to include one of the largest media conglomerates in China, the Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group. When it comes to racism, it’s hard to beat China. About 1 million Uighur Muslims live in conditions described as state-sponsored slavery, and Tibet and Hong Kong compete for the title of the world’s largest open-air prison. The Chinese also discriminate against rural citizens and followers of many religions. Foreigners are called foreign trash and this goes double for black foreigners. In 2020 a sign at McDonalds read, “black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant.”

I shouldn’t pick on the MLB. Coke serves all of the nations above, and Delta most, and both serve many more racist pariahs. For example, they both serve India. Nearly 200 million in number, Muslims in India face discrimination and it can be severe, affecting where they live and work, their education, and if they can vote. In 2019 a citizenship law looks to deny citizenship to tens of millions of multi-generational Muslims. 

Coke serves every country in Africa and Delta serves a handful. Slaves are still being sold from the Sudan and Mauritania. In 2018, Nigeria began abolishing the Igbo slave cast, but other slave casts persist in other African nations. 

Both Delta and MLB have strong operations in Latin America. In Ecuador, the targeting of blacks by police is a formal part of their jobs. The police “conceive of their mission as protecting citizens from the ‘danger’ of blacks. These blacks are not viewed as citizens but rather as violent intruders that invade the cities.” Blacks are a majority in Brazil. In the last three Brazilian presidential administrations, there has been a total of one black cabinet member. 

The CEOs of these three companies and many more presenting themselves as anti-racist leaders need to increase their knowledge of racism here and in the world. They will see that Georgia’s voting law is not racist. This time these CEOs were hoodwinked by race hustlers like Biden, Obama, Abrams, Warnock, and Ossoff joining perennial hustlers Jackson and Sharpton. Next time, it will be someone else.
Today, race hustlers are everywhere, and they care naught about a company’s shareholders.

Published with Author’s Permission:

Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. MBA is a management consultant that specializes in two areas: maximizing the outcomes from global strategies and improving organizational productivity by increasing the number of competent women in senior leadership. 

Her Ph.D. is in management and international studies. She has more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive (CEO, GM, and CMO) for companies of all sizes, public and private, foreign and domestic. She has been conducting business internationally since 1988 and has overseen the successful sale of three companies.

Kathleen is an avid researcher and writer in her areas of specialization. Her articles and interviews have been published by Fox, CNBC, Fox Business, Washington Post, Newsweek Japan,, The Street, Financial Times China, Bloomberg Business Week, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Training Magazine.

Her books include: Racism and anti-Racism in the World: before and after 1945; Watch Your Back; The Power of One: You’re the boss; and A Brief History of International Relations: The World Made Easy. Currently in process and planned for publication in 2021 is Silent Sexism: Women wake up and take charge. 

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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23 days ago

Well put. In these last few months, I’ve seen how hypocritical and deceptive these companies are. It’s time to start boycotting ALL these “woke” companies, with their lying agendas. Just like last year, I won’t be watching NBA, NFL, MLB. I don’t need to buy Coca-cola, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Patagonia or Nike shoes. I can send my kids to a private school, instead of subjecting them to critical race theory lies. Just like I don’t need to fly on Delta, United or American. Or, use Amazon, Twitter, Fakebook, Google, American Express or AT&T…just to name a few of the hundreds of companies that have taken on a fake agenda. There’s always other options and choices. If you don’t agree with their new political views, don’t use them. Boycott them. After all, the Democrats always said it was ok. Two can play that game.