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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    Anti-Semitism | A plague on our Country

    By Twila Le Page-Hughes

    Note from Ms. Le Page-Huges I am quoting part of this article, with permission from the author, Robin Itzler, recent speaker before our group.  She wrote this for the Orange County Breeze and then was invited to write about it for a local Jewish periodical, called J Life, in its December edition.  The article was entitled — “Anti-Semitism: Why and What to Do  as American Jews.}”  Robin is Jewish.

    “We expect Anti-Jewish in Europe, but here?  Is part of the problem that the mainstream media, which almost all fair and independent observers agree, overwhelmingly, that liberal media distorts itself like a pretzel to connect every action or example of exploiting non-critical thinking following the Oct 2018 Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. They and the Democratic party made it appear the tragic shooting was somehow President Trump’s fault. 

    “President Trump is an ardent supporter of Jews and Israel.  His daughter Ivanka is a Jewish convert and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner is Jewish.  Trump gave generously to Jewish causes before he was president.  He is the only President, of the last three who campaigned on putting the US Embassy in Jerusalem -who actually had the guts to do it.  Although each had plenty of opportunity. 

    “Overwhelming blind loyalty to the Democratic Party is part of the problem.  Among Jewish voters in the mid terms–  82 % voted for the Democratic party .

     “With the most pro -Israel pro-Jewish President to ever occupy the White House, it is perplexing that the majority of Jews remain with the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish Democratic Party.    How can people of Jewish faith back the Democratic Party? Which party has been so anti-Jewish? 

     “’Could it be that Jews support the social welfare programs,’” said Jack Tapper on Boston Red Sox pitcher program on CNN called the “Lead.“

     “Robin Itzler opines that she was brought up Jewish and back then the Democratic Party fought against anti -Semitism and supported Israel. Look how they have flipped on so many issues.

     “Look at some of today’s voices of the Democratic Party.  Congresswoman Ilhan Omar wrote in a 2012 tweet “that Israel has hypnotized the world –may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings in Israel.”  Bernie Sanders makes anti-Israel, anti -Jewish comments standard in most of his speech.   People like Al Sharpton constantly make anti-Jewish comments. 

     “Itzler concludes by saying: Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America –because as a society we have forsaken the morals and values that our forefathers sacrificed in giving us the Constitution and Bill of Rights-both founded on Judeo-Christian belief.  The American Jewish community must question whether its overwhelming support for the Democratic Party and the party’s many anti -S5emitic politicians indirectly fuels the fires of anti-Semitism.   Jews are truly welcomed at Republican organizations.”

    Twila Le Page-Hughes is a writer, columnist, author and Program Chairman and Vice Pres. of South Bay Republican Women, who meet in Torrance, CA who has been interested in politics since age 11.  Her email is [email protected]

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