Apocalypse Now

Editorialby Gregory J. Welborn

I just finished a great history of WWII and happened to watch a cable rerun of The Monuments Men. Key points in both led me to the sobering conclusion that the apocalypse is not something that is only supposed to happen in some other generation’s future, sales but instead is more real and ever more probable now than any time in history.

The Monuments Men is a movie about a real unit of ally soldiers who were tasked with saving the great works of art and civilization from Nazi destruction. One of the key historical elements in the movie was the very real orders Hitler gave for the destruction of a thousand years of European artwork and for the destruction of Paris as the Nazis retreated. Such an undertaking was not possible at the hands of one lone madman; Hitler had many willing followers in the form of the SS who were more than enthusiastic in destroying staples of European civilization. Were it not for one German general who refused to destroy Paris, we may well have lost that beautiful city.

The other WWII history I read highlighted many of the strategic turning points in the war. What is little realized today is that Nazi Germany was also pursuing the development of a nuclear bomb and was in fact very close developing it. The entire course of WWII can be seen as a race toward the development of the bomb. Had the Germans won that race, can there be any doubt they would have used it unmercifully and overtaken much of the world?

Returning to the theme of this week’s article – Apocalypse Now – next month’s Atlantic magazine contains an article by Graeme Wood which informs us with undeniable facts and logic that we are in a race with ISIS and Iran, which if the west loses will very likely result in a very real apocalypse.

Those words are not chosen lightly. They’re not inflammatory or hyperbolic; they’re realistically descriptive of what ISIS and Iran want, and will launch,if we let them. Both are on record as stating that it is their duty to bring about “apocalypse” because God calls for it. Their recent actions show they are all too willing to act on these messianic visions. There is no false posturing with them.

Graeme Woods interviewed an Islamic leader in London who stated that “the [Islamic] state has an obligation to terrorize its enemies”. ISIS actually considers itself the leader in bringing about the end of the world, committed to “purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people”. Further evidence is provided to show that ISIS consciously seeks to “return civilization to a seventh-century legal environment and ultimately to bring about the apocalypse”.

ISIS’s actions leave no room for doubt. The atrocities which make the front page in the west are only the tip of the iceberg. As Woods points out, social media posts chronicle daily individual executions and weekly mass executions. Most of the victims are fellow Muslims.

Here in the west, and especially in Obama’s administration, there is a temptation to dismiss the danger because those who lead ISIS and who rule Iran are only a minority within Islam, thus delegitimizing their religious credentials and their commitment to actually carrying out any apocalyptic plan. That argument is very dangerous, and may yet be fatal to us. It doesn’t matter if ISIS and the Iranian Mullahs are in the minority. If they truly believe themselves to be acting on their deeply held religious beliefs (even warped ones at odds with other Islamic teaching), they can still do untold damage to the world if allowed to succeed.

Iranian Mullahs

Iranian Mullahs

In the atomic age – and more certainly in the age of biological weapons – even a small minority can kill millions. If allowed to win the race to obtain their own nuclear weapon, they will use it against the west and/or Israel. No matter which target is selected, such an act would unavoidably bring about an equal retaliation – the apocalypse.

The Obama administration’s plan won’t work for two primary reasons. First, they do not acknowledge there is a real and serious enemy to fight, and secondarily they do not realize we are in a race with Iran. The President stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the religious intensity which drives our enemy, turning instead to rationalizations of moral equivalence with the crusaders of 1,000 years ago and to justifications stemming from insufficient economic opportunity.

Iran and ISIS are drawn from the same cloth – both religiously and philosophically driven by a desire to destroy Israel and to bring about the apocalypse. They know that obtaining the bomb will give them the weapon which will allow the one of them to launch against Israel and the other to sneak such a weapon into the U.S. or Europe.

sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

It is clear at this point that the solution does not, and will never, lie with this president. Fortunately, our system provides a way for more informed and rational people to counter Obama’s self-delusion. The House and the Senate have the right, and the moral obligation, to hear the words and advice of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is not an exaggeration to say that the security of western civilization lies now in the hands of this one man’s ability to awaken us from a dangerous stupor. The race can still be won, but we’re in the last lap.


About the author: Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community. He can be reached [email protected]/5l.com

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