Are Some Democrats Actually Loyal?



by Naomi Fisher and Dan Reynolds     

We will begin with the video link to President Trump’s United Nations Speech in December 2018: “…That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global government’s control and domination…you honor our sovereignty in return.”

We all know our Founding Fathers stood together to establish this Nation. We know that  because of their joined effort our County, our very existence on this soil was made available.

We are going to have to ban together now in our voting, in our letters and emails demanding Congress stop the self interest destroying our economy! We have to verbally fight the tyranny that is attempting to destroy our once great U.S.

Our vote this month is vital to the continued survival of the United States of America as we know it!

Because many of our Government officials’ loyalties are in question – the ones that supposedly work for you and me – the ones who have sworn to put the safety and welfare of our Country and all its residents before themselves.

With today’s Multi-National investments, with corporations having divisions spread all over the world a valid question is where those officials’ loyalties lie.

At one time China was billed as “a fast growing threat” to our U.S. No longer. With the buildup of military and production of the Stealth (a suspected, perhaps proven theft of design from a U.S. company) the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is definitely “a threat”.

China wasn’t always considered a problem. Consider that back in 2012 President Obama signed a 40-year lease with China for control of the Port of Long Beach, CA, America’s second largest and most automated container handling operation. We’re happy to say President Trump made China sell it back. (Links below.)

A daunting list of powerful U.S. businesses owned by China is in a link below.

Also, since insider trading was allowed in Congress until 2012 many of our Congress members used knowledge gained in their positions to make millions investing in Chinese companies/corporations.

That creates a whole new problem: China is one of our biggest National Debt Holders! So what happens when problems between our Countries becomes critical?

Where will loyalties of those Congress Members holding Chinese interests lie?

With our Country? – or – 

With their Millions of dollars coming in from China?

That’s a pretty heavy conundrum for them.

So many well known names – to be fair we only researched a few that are making daily headlines, but certainly there are others.

Research brought up several other damaging facts which will be given as their names appear. We wish to start with Kamala Harris as she is running for VP. After her the names appear alphabetically. (Links to them will also be in alphabetical order below):

Harris, Kamala and Husband, Douglas Emhoff. Kamala, as San Francisco, California’s DA, refused to disclose San Francisco pedofile Catholic Priests when that crime was making National headlines in other U.S. Cities. The facts were buried and never re-opened. She put her loyalty to the Church before the welfare of Catholic children in her city, put personal reasons before her sworn oath! What kind of a Vice President will she be if she cannot put our Country and its Citizens first? 

She was quoted, “Justice is on the ballot,” yet in 2004, as CA Attorney General she blocked new, advanced DNA testing in the case of Kevin Cooper, on death row convicted in 1985 by a jury for quadruple murder.

Her Husband has deep business ties with China, granted they were formed years ago, but where will their loyalties lie if the U.S. and China become enemies? Net worth about $6 million.

Biden, Joe and Hunter, have been scrupulously reported but Joe Biden’s siblings have reaped money harvest from his position as well. And recently Joe Biden said he backs the right of children to change their sex at age 8. Biden’s net worth: $9 million.

Bloomberg, Michael, As mayor of New York he used controversial policies such as stop-and-frisk policing, the rise of charter schools, and pressuring the city council to temporarily change the rules on term limits so he could run for a third term. He has been opposing tariff restrictions on China, killing unfavorable news stories about Chinese authorities and sending billions of U.S. investor dollars into the Chinese bond market. Forbes estimates his net worth: $52.4 Billion.

Clinton, Bill and Hillary, of the “Chinagate” scandal. The Judicial Watch Education Foundation fought in court for records. News Media wildly reported the Clintons were involved in the transfer of U.S. technology including nuclear missiles to China. Clintons’ admitted selling seats on taxpayer-funded trade missions for campaign funds. In 1997 Bill Clinton leased the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Communist China! Republicans forced cancellation of the lease citing National Security issues. Clinton’s net worth about $45 million.

Feinstein, Diane and Husband, Richard Blum have many Chinese stocks. She praised China as a country growing into a respectable nation, but just recently the couple dumped several million dollars of stock – using insider trading info. Net worth: $90 million.

Gates, Bill, is praising China and bad mouthing U.S., admitted he stopped President Trump’s planned Vaccine Safety Commission with Robert Kennedy Jr., and is partnering with Fauci for a new covid vaccine. Net worth: $110 Billion. 

Pelosi, Nancy and Husband Paul. Her bill condemning California farms to be waterless during a severe drought bankrupted many farmers. Her delaying Stimulus payments hoping to push them back until after the elections. Her advocacy for the proposed light rail that would benefit her campaign donors. Her trying to block the investigation proving the covid-19 came from Wuhan, China, aka CCP. A bill to end lucrative “swipe fees” for Visa and other credit providers resulted in Visa donating to her re-election campaign and Paul Pelosi buying shares. Net worth: $135 million. 

Also, their Son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., was involved in financial mis-dealings in the Ukraine that never made the news.

We, The People, have not been paying attention to the lure of riches available to Congress. With their millions of dollars invested in China we have let globalism threaten our sovereignty, our liberty, our way of life, our very Nation!

Hopefully, it is not too late to stem the tide.

As President Trump said, “America will always choose independence….”

When you vote who do you think will fight to keep the sovereignty of our Nation intact?

Video Links:

President Clinton cedes Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Communist China owned Cosco

Trump urged other nations to reject the push for a single globalist government

Article Links:

Clinton ensures China got lease to Long Beach NAVAL Shipyard

Trump Adm bought PORT of Long Beach back. A must read on China’s World Control

A must read on China’s control n pretty pictures

U.S. Businesses, now owned by China by Ed Leefeldt, February 10, 2017 MONEYWATCH

Trump Rids Major U.S. Container Port of Chinese Communist…

DA Harris’ office did not participate in cases against Catholic clergy

Her background and record

As attorney general, did not allow new advanced DNA testing for convict. His appeal held over for Gavin Newsom.

Emhoff’s firm’s profile praises his insider status

the company employs a host of former Chinese Communist Party officials.

How Joe Biden Went from Middle-Class Joe to a Millionaire

He spent over $500 million on his campaign

WashPost: Bloomberg’s China Ties Are Conflict of Interest

“A country growing into a respectable nation”

Dianne Feinstein — Feinstein approved millions in contracts benefiting her husband’s firm

A potential scandal for dumping several million dollars’ worth of stock while privy to sensitive information…

To ensure almost billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to World Health Organization (WHO) when average American out of work, locked down, struggling to pay rent, buy groceries

Pelosi Leads List Of Conflict Of Interest Dems

Visa contributed to re-election campaign

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Naomi Fisher and Dan Reynolds  are residents of Ventura County

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Trump has a secret Chinese bank account. He uses it to pay more taxes to China then he does right here. That is what you call loyalty.

Mike Smith

Cite your sources. Right here, right now.