Are You Sick of Washington?

Are You Sick of Washington?

If you want a common sense conservative in Washington, order vote for Rafael Dagnesses for Congress on June 3rd.  He is the only conservative and non-politician running for the 26th Congressional District who happens to be a Republican.

Rafael is a successful business owner experienced in creating jobs and dealing with bureaucracies at all levels of government.  He was born in Communist Cuba, pharm raised in the inner city and is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.  As a former Los Angeles Police Department officer he also has first hand knowledge of the threats that gangs, criminals and foreign terrorists pose to all of us.  He will bring competent real world problem solving leadership to Washington.

In contrast, Rafael is running against opponents with primarily political and academic experience.  One is the party line Democratic incumbent, another is a liberal Independent who worked in the Obama administration and the last runs as a Republican but likes to vote with the Democrats.  He is a party establishment backed Sacramento politician whose legislative record is consistently rated low by the California Republican Assembly.  For example, he voted to allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses and to even become attorneys and practice law in California and he supports amnesty.  Some have suggested that he is a ‘Republican in name only’.  He is Vice Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee yet California has the highest sales tax, gas tax and income tax rate in the nation and rated the worst state for business.

Rafael is best qualified to fight the forces that are indoctrinating and transforming Americans into full time government dependency and transforming our country into a socialist government.  He will:

  • Fight government fraud and waste.
  • Believes in term limits.
  • Fight to Repeal Obamacare.
  • Require background checks for Congressional, Senate and Presidential candidates.
  • Secure the Borders and Opposes Amnesty.
  • Close the Department of Education, return tax dollars back to the local districts.
  • Reduce the size or even eliminate the IRS.
  • Inspire not Blame! Promote Self Reliance, Limited Government and Freedom.

Vote for Rafael Dagnesses on June 3rd, the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to fix what is wrong with Washington.

Gil Muramatsu

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