Arizona Dems Panic Over Upcoming Election Audit Results, Issue Preemptive Rebuttal

Tried to poke holes in procedure

(ZEROHEDGE) – Democratic officials in Arizona are sweating over the upcoming results of the 2020 election audit, and have launched a pair of preemptive strikes against a report that could come as soon as next week according to Politico.

In a Thursday rebuttal, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) tried to poke as many holes as possible in the audit – while also trying to reassure people that ballot equipment was tested before and after the election. Hobbs called the GOP Senate-led effort “secretive and disorganized,” and claimed that they routinely failed to follow best practices for an audit.

“All credible audits are characterized by controls, access, and transparency that allow for the processes and procedures to be replicated, if necessary,” reads the rebuttal. “As this report has described, the review conducted by the Senate’s contractors has consistently lacked all three of these factors.”

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Oops, guess the esteemed auditors ran out of esteem. Oddly Trump deleted his message to his followers after the auditors hired by the Arizona Republicans found more votes for Biden and less for Trump. Go figure.

H.R. Fine

I firmly believe there were enough red flags to justify the audit. Democrat arguments against the audit are defensive, accusatory and without merit. If the Dems are right the audit will settle their claim. IF THE DEMS ARE WRONG, it will show the Dems tried to cover up vote rigging! I SUSPECT ALL THE SQUEELING SUPPORTS THE LATTER.


Now that the fraudit shows the Dems were screwed out of votes and the Repugs were given hundreds of fraudulent votes, what do you have to say for yourself?


Dies she mean like blocking monitors like they did in Philadelphia Detroit and Atlanta during November’s election?

John Dorch

Just another right wing rag. Arizona Dems are not afraid of the results, but you should be. Since you obviously don’t like democracy unless it results in a Trump victory, you should consider session. We don’t like you,


Democracy has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with knowing your vote counts regardless of who you vote for.
It has to do with knowing that 100,000 dead people did not receive a ballot to vote that was used by another person. It has to do with knowing the person who cast that ballot is actually the person who has the right to cast said ballot. It has to do with knowing CITIZENS and not ILLEGAL migrants are voting.
There are many factors to describe Democracy, but obviously only those who are acceptant of the results, even though there is proof of fraud are the ones who do not like democracy. Transparency matters and if you are ok with dead relatives, convicted felons or migrant refugees voting in our elections, then that, my friend, is no democracy.


Yes, let’s end the vote rigging by the elections. Meandering voting regions, changing laws to make voting more difficult for minorities. And don’t forget these cases:


Yes, lets change the voting law to require an I.D to cast your ballot.
You show I.D to buy alcohol. You show I.D when you go to bank. You show I.D when a police officer requests it….
what’s the problem with having to show an I.D to vote?
And how does showing an I.D make it more difficult for minorities to vote? Maybe because they are not registered to vote? Seems like a silly excuse to me.
ANYONE, regardless of political stance that is found to be committing fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Last edited 1 month ago by Pat

There is no standard for ID’s, so Repugs keep saying driver’s licenses, which most people who live in the city may not have if they take public transport. So, yeah you are an idiot.