August Garden Notes


  • Clean out and trim native brush, cool-season ornamental grass (2/3 height), trees, vines, and water sprouts from deciduous fruit
  • Lightly prune roses, fuchsias, and wisteria. Prune and train
  • Stop pinching chrysanthemums, and propagate and cleanup
  • Cut bloom stalks from yellow fortnight lilies; remove seedpod from white fortnight
  • Remove dead and dying foliage from date palms using sterilized
  • Continue to harvest vegetable and fruit when
  • Use double potting to keep container plant roots
  • In coastal areas give indoor ferns equal time outdoors in

Fertilize and Water:

  • Feed fuchsias, tuberous begonias, ferns, roses, cycads, cymbidiums (high N), and water
  • Fertilize tropicals and fortnight lilies. Follow up with
  • Do not fertilize deciduous fruit
  • Fertilize warm-season grasses (except Adalayd & Kikuyu).
  • Fertilize cool-season grasses that show signs of N
  • Fertilize biennials started from seed in July, and container grown succulents with liquid
  • Maintain watering needs of all garden plants and Take time to evaluate irrigation system.
  • Do not water lithops or summer deciduous
  • Deep water mature wisteria, but reduce water for melons when they start to


  • In coastal zones plant tropicals, succulents, cassias, flame eucalyptus, and
  • In interior zones plant crape myrtle, and buffer zones between home and
  • Transplant biennials started from seed such as palms, papayas, and
  • Start cool-season flowers and vegetables from

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