August Recess Delayed as Boehner Tries to Resuscitate Dying Border Bill—Don’t let them pass the loopholes


WASHINGTON,D.C.—In the Speaker’s lobby just off the House floor, members of Congress were full of recriminations over how the border bill had just died—until it sprang back to life.

Now they have emerged from a last minute conference meeting vowing to “stay until we vote” and planning another meeting for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am, although it’s unclear what changes either to the legislative package or the support for the current one will occur in the meantime.

Inside the meeting, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) vowed that if need be, he would miss his son’s upcoming wedding to stay in Washington to pass the bill.

But other lawmakers were punchy.

“Well, let’s see, I’ve been bitching about this for, what, 15 months? Democrats wants the votes and Republicans want cheap labor. They didn’t want to do anything with it, now they’re going to wait until the last minute? You know, I have a forum I’m supposed to be at, I can’t be, on this very subject,” Michigan Rep. Kerry Bentivolio said.

Earlier in the day, Speaker John Boehner had decided to pull the package and send lawmakers home without voting on anything related to the border. The decision was so final that multiple lawmakers, including the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers, were already at the airport getting ready to board flights home.

But a sudden and fierce backlash forced Boehner to rescind the decision and hold the nearly two-hour emergency meeting that prompted the decision to delay recess. In particular, members said that they could not abide leaving without at least trying to vote on the bill, which, if nothing else, would show where each member stood on the matter.

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