Back to School Traffic Safety for all Drivers in Simi Valley

Fall is approaching and with it comes the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. The Simi Valley Police Department would like to remind parents, young people and all motorists to practice basic personal and traffic safety when traveling by schools. 

By adhering to the following traffic related safety tips, the number of collisions in and around school zones can be reduced: 

• The speed limit is 25 MPH. Please SLOW DOWN prior to entering the school zone. This includes leaving the school zone. 
• Motorists should be aware that children will be on the sidewalks and crossing streets before and after school in large numbers. 
• Motorists need to be extra alert for sudden incursions into the roadway by young people riding bicycles and walking to and from our neighborhood schools. 
• Parent/drivers are encouraged to allow ample time to drive their children to their schools and not to double park to let their young passengers out of their cars. 
• Impeding the flow of traffic to wait to enter a school parking lot could result in a citation. Please keep traffic moving. Drive as far into the parking lots as possible. 
• Drivers should avoid any activity that distracts them while driving, e.g.: adjusting the car radio/CD player, talking with passengers, talking on a cell-phone, texting, eating or drinking, etc. 
• Parents are urged to talk with their children and discuss traffic safety and the traffic laws pertaining to the use of bicycles on the roadway, as well as the importance of crossing the roadway at marked intersections. 
• Please ensure children wear appropriate head protection and other safety equipment while riding their bicycles to and from schools. 
• Helmets are required for all bicycle riders under the age of 18. It’s the law. 
• If all motorists and young people on the roadway obey all the traffic laws and practice common courtesy, most traffic accidents could be avoided. 


Simi Valley Police Officers will initially take a balanced approach to education and enforcement during the first 2 weeks of school. 

However, violations specifically relating to the safety of children will be strictly enforced. (Speeding in school zones; letting children off in traffic lanes; distracted driving; failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles in school zones). 

The Simi Valley Police Department is committed to Traffic Safety through education and enforcement. From the first week of school through the beginning of September, there will be uniformed officers by our schools addressing the rules of the road. For further information on Traffic Safety, please contact the Simi Traffic Unit at (805) 583-6950. 

Residents can also “Like” the Simi Valley Police Department Facebook page and use NIXLE to receive timely alerts or updates about issues affecting our community.

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