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“Battle for America- Sounds a bit dramatic, huh? But, we really are engaged in a battle for the heart and soul of the USA. Our nation was founded on the ideals of a free people, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These were really radical words in 1776 and they still ring out so even now.  But, our nation also contends with forces opposed to some of this.

Envisioned as a watchdog, an informer of the people, exposer of the truth, is a free press- the so-called “Fourth Estate.” At times, it has risen to the occasion, but too often failed and has even been used as a tool of oppression and misdirection.  The “newspaper” has also evolved into radio, TV and various sophisticated electronic media. All of these have faced the same opportunities and challenges- and a few new ones.

At this point, 90% of news media is controlled by just six companies. None seem dedicated to the ideals above. In our region of Ventura County, Southern California, we have the big Progressive newspapers- LA Times, Ventura County Star, then it drops off fast- the free weekly “Acorn” in East County, the far, far left weekly Ventura Reporter, Breeze, some Spanish language pubs. Electronic media consists of the alphabet network TV stations, cable, some radio stations, only half of which are in English, music, entertainment, news and mostly Conservative infotainment “talk radio.”  The Internet provides plenty of news options at the state and national level, but not much regionally and rather opinionated.


Over two years ago, we started talking about an alternative news source, but money, time and focus issues meant that nothing was done about it. It must have been the last election and the continuing slow-motion economic contraction (no, we’re not in a “recovery”) that shocked us into finally moving ahead. So, the Citizens Journal project was born.

This is NOT a  partisan publication, but an independent effort, with as balanced a viewpoint as can possibly be imparted (not including editorials).  It will not be a full service newspaper, but will focus on local/regional level issues, tying state and wider issues to these.

Would you like to be part of it?  A subscriber? Donor? Advertiser? Reporter? Sales staff? Operations? Circulation? Editing? Admin? A ground floor opportunity to help birth and shape it, build it, run it: [email protected] Free training. Don’t expect much financial compensation at this time (except for sales positions). This is primarily a labor of love.

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We’ve included some brief essays by Mike below, which reveal some of his evolving thought process, leading him to this juncture …….

Battle for America – By Michael Hernandez (our start-up Project Manager and first Editor)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Washington Has Failed; A Citizens Revolt Is Launched

A new day has come in America. The people’s representatives have failed them. In previous eras—the citizens elected their government officials and expected them to look after their best interests while they worked hard to provide not only for their families but for society.

Now, this is no longer true. Elected officials in Washington no longer care what their constituents want. They function as an aristocracy subject to no one. They portray the viewpoint that they know best what America needs.

A citizens revolt has begun. This revolt is not being driven by radicals or terrorists as one elected representative claimed but by the average citizen who realizes they can no longer trust their elected officials to represent them in Washington. This is not about a political party but this is about returning America to the ideas and principles that made it a great nation.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why The Citizens Journalist Network?

America needs an alternative news organization that citizens can believe for their news, features, and viewpoints.  I believe that The Citizens Journalist Network is that alternative.  Truth is at the core of The Citizens Journalist Network—which reflects “balanced” not “slanted” reporting.

I believe it is imperative that such an alternative news organization not be a reactionary news organization—presenting an ideology or framework that is opposite of the “left wing” news media making it a conservative or “right wing” news outlet.   Rather, The Citizens Journalist Network is a “trusted” news operation by those who “choose to view” whether on the left, middle, or right.

For me, such a news operation, articulates spheres (citizens action in society and the culture) and principles (Judeo-Christian).   No, this news organization is not “religious” by any means but is truthful which means:  “ethical, fair, and balanced.” What a novel concept?  These are the fundamental or core values that birthed journalism and that all journalists were trained to appreciate and strive for in a bygone era.

I believe that The Citizens Journalist Network is uplifting to its citizens and its core mission is to “build America—not bring it down.”   Those engaged in The Citizens Journalist Network are “to lead”—to become “servant leaders” to the citizens and to serve a “Great Awakening” where citizens become engaged in their communities, State and Nation—not leaving America or their communities in the “hands of elected officials” who continually fail them.

Frankly, all of us have a political or philosophical “bent” that defines us as a human being.  We need to recognize this inherent “bias” and choose to be “balanced.”  The reality is that “truth” always wins out if we choose to participate in “two way communication” and trust that “informed citizens” will make the right choices.  The problem we face in America today is that the citizens information choices are “so biased” and “untruthful” that there is “confusion, cynicism, and unbelief.”

The Citizens Journalist Network has an opportunity to provide a “ray of hope” that Americans can reach the appropriate conclusions when given objective “facts” from all sides of an issue.   Let us be “truthful,” let us be “balanced” and put our faith and hope in our Creator rather than a person such as the President.

If we are willing to re-do the actions of our famous forefathers in the birth of this nation; we can see America turn back to its greatness.  If we are willing to tell the “stories” that make people think; that inspire; that transform Americans; we can see America rise up again as a great nation and world power.   The choice is ours.  Will we dare to organize in such a fashion as to create The Citizens Journalist Network?  I say we have no other choice.   “Let’s do it!”

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time for New Leadership and New Journalism

America’s representative government has failed!  America’s journalists have failed!

The day when Americans could live their lives by working hard and trusting their elected officials to do what is right for America is over!  The day when Americans could live their lives by working hard and trusting the news media to faithfully report what is happening in the nation is over!

The new reality is that American citizens must now “go the extra mile” and be engaged in their communities and in their nation as well as take care of themselves and their families.   This model of trusting others to work on your behalf (whether the President or your elected officials) no longer exists.

The old model was based on citizens living by shared values and principles.  This old model was based on love of neighbor, community and nation.  The new model does not work because it is self-centered based on one man’s rule over another.  The new model does not work because it is based on entitlement (“taking what is not yours”) and is based on big, inefficient government programs which equalize the playing field, independent of individual effort or character.  Systems and bureaucracies are in charge of people’s fate.

What America needs now is new thinkers and networkers.   What America needs now is servant leaders.  What America needs now is new leaders to rise.  Yet, the old leaders refuse to empower the new or even the young.  The old leaders wish to maintain their control over everyone and impose their will on all.  The old leaders do not wish to ever surrender their power.  The old leaders remain unaccountable.

These old leaders seek a new America. This new order brought on by the old leaders has removed all principles and values.   These old leaders would seek a principle-less society.  Truth is not absolute but relative.  Truth is what these old leaders proclaim it to be.  Today, has become the “day of the big lie.”  Our old leaders believe if they repeat something enough times, citizens will believe them.

Journalists are now the agents of these old leaders.  The fourth estate no longer exists.  Journalists no longer seek truth.  Journalists are no longer “watchdogs” for liberty and freedom.
Where do we go from here? I believe that the development of a Citizens Journalist Network in America is fundamental for our future.   I believe that the mission of such a Citizens Journalist Network is not only to “seek truth” but to “mobilize citizens” to become engaged in their communities  before a “new America” led by old leaders takes over.  It is time for new leaders to arise and return America to its former greatness.  It is time for a new journalism that really is based on old notions that once made journalism a noble profession.  It is time for the Citizens Journalist Network to be launched.  Let’s go forth! Subscribe!


If you’re one who has been complaining about the so-called “Mainstream Media ” (Lamestream Media) for years, here’s a chance to actually do something, actually strike a blow for freedom. Are you you just gonna bitch about it, or be part of the solution?

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Go to:  Went “live” in June, 2013

The publication is maturing and gaining momentum. Check us out now. Ask family, friends and associates to sign up.

Source: George Miller
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Michael Butler

I wholeheartedly support the Citizen’s Journal. Will definitely subscribe. Let me know how else I can support your efforts. We need your voice badly.