Best Dog Breeds That Are Kid-Friendly

By Mike Powell

There comes a time in which introducing a dog to the family makes total sense. Perhaps your four-year-old is begging to adopt a canine companion, or you’ve come across a heartwarming story about long-awaited shelter dog adoptions

Whatever the case, the most popular types of dogs, aren’t necessarily suitable for children. If you are contemplating the best fit for your family, consider these kid-friendly breeds below. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the ultimate family dog and epitome of what it means to be Man’s Best Friend. These fiercely loyal companions are people pleasers and boast an impressive amount of patience—ideal for children with boundless energy. 

Labs can famously get along with nearly anyone—from a pair of rambunctious siblings to other family pets. These exuberant dogs love a daily walk and will not hesitate to join a family holiday at the lake or beach. 


Devoted and patient, Bulldogs are a go-to for families with younger children. While not nearly as energetic as your typical retriever, Bulldogs are excellent companions for families who love to gather around the living room for a movie night. 

Docile and friendly, Bulldogs won’t have any trouble getting along with outside visitors and spirited neighbors. Bulldogs will thrive in households of any size, whether you call a smaller apartment or a larger bungalow home. 

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is confident, intelligent, and the embodiment of loyal. These dogs are incredibly patient with energetic children but will not hesitate to let their owners know they need some space. 

Athletic families will love exercising their Golden Retriever, as they are avid fans of long walks, frisbees, and the occasional swim. This fun-loving breed is impossible not to fall in love with.   


Beagles tick everyone’s boxes—loyal, undeniably adorable, energetic, and loveable. Originally bred as hunting animals, Beagles won’t tire of outdoor adventures quickly and will happily put up with children.  

Adventure-loving families can take their Beagle on a trek, hike, or camping trip with ease. These pack animals love nothing more than to spend time with their owners.  


The Poodle is a versatile dog that comes in all shapes and sizes—ideal for families after something a little more specific. First-time pet owners can choose between three sizes—standard, miniature, and toy. 

These hypoallergenic brainiacs love to learn and are seldom annoyed by even the most active households. Because they rarely shed, Poodles make the perfect companion to those with severe allergies. 

Spontaneous and adventurous, you’ll be surprised to find that Poodles make an excellent adventure partner! 

Mixed Breed

Contrary to popular belief, mixed breeds can be just as patient and enthusiastic about their adoptive families as their purebred counterparts. 

By adopting a mutt from a shelter, you can gain better insight into its behavioral quirks. Shelter volunteers are typically well-versed in their tenants’ personalities—they can help match-make your ideal companion.  

The Bottom Line

Adopting a four-legged fur-friend into the family is both an exciting and challenging decision, especially for households with younger children. However, the breeds listed above are easy to assimilate and a suitable choice for all types of families. 

If adopting a dog from a shelter, you won’t find any shortage of family-loving strays, retired military dogs, and enthusiastic soon-to-be companions.

About the Author

Mike is a passionate pet lover and the owner of Dog Embassy. His mission is to provide current and future pet owners with accessible resources on dog health, nutrition, and care. 

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