Beyond Gravity Media brings Hi-tech Virtual Reality Class to Colina Middle School in Thousand Oaks

Beyond Gravity Media’s CEO Scott Matalon, went back to middle school today and brought some hi-tech materials with him.  In 2012, Matalon started the marketing firm Beyond Gravity Media, Inc. and has been deploying state-of-the art technology and marketing strategies to businesses and their leaders. “Beyond Gravity Media helps each maximize their earnings and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”  

As the name suggests, Matalon started is company on a concept of “defying gravity” using UAV’s, or as most of us know them, “drones” to bring amazing aerial photography and videography to both the real estate market and commercial applications market.  In 2013, Matalon invested in his first Matterport camera (based on the quickly advancing need of virtual reality and immersive 3D media).  Matterport, whose “Goal is to establish 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and reimagining the world” was a natural step for Matalon to take as he explains.  “The way each of us experiences the world is changing, and technology is the driving factor.  Let’s embrace the technology and use it to better our future.” 

Matterport provides  cameras and technology that capture any physical space and turns it into a VR / immersive 3D environment that can be viewed from any smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. Matalon quickly expanded Beyond Gravity Media, Inc. to service Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with franchise opportunities developing all over the country based on the Matterport technology. He was recently nominated for Matterport Service Provider of the year for his work in expanding 3D media into many vertical markets including retail, automotive, and health care, just to name a few.

A few months ago, Matalon was contacted by middle school tech teacher Gary Norwalt, from Colina Middle School in Thousand Oaks.  Norwalt asked if someone from Beyond Gravity Media would be interested in giving a lesson and / or demonstration of what is trending in the technology world for his students.  Matalon, having started his career as a teacher immediately recognized the importance, and jumped at the chance.  Matalon put together a one hour lesson on using the Matterport camera and delivered that  to students in an open forum. With the help of Mr. Norwalt the students transitioned into breakout sessions where the students actually scanned and built a 3D model of the Boys and Girls Club right on campus.  During his lesson, Matalon reminded all of us that when he was 13 years old, the hottest thing on the technology market was a pager.  Cell phones where about the size of a briefcase and very expensive, and the internet was in its infancy stage.  As you can imagine, the kids had no idea what life would be like without both their cell phone and the internet. 

While the kids were working on scanning and building their model, you could see their faces light up, their excitement grew, and watching this you knew great things were happening.  After the session was over, the kids wanted to work more, they wanted to do more, experience more, and hoped Matalon would return for another session soon.  As Matalon was packing up, he told us, “It’s the responsibility of all of us to make sure that we teach and inspire our youth to do great things. I’m thankful for the opportunity and hope there is more to follow.”

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