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    Biden & Harris – Doin' What They're Told

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    By —Canadian Free Press

    Trump, the first pro-American president of the 21st century, was a president that dragged half the country, kicking and screaming, to renew its patriotism, culture, and commitment to America’s well-being
    For the last 30 plus years, we have had our fill of incompetent presidencies. Bush 41 was happy with what MacArthur would call ‘half war,’ with no clear objective that would permanently solve the problem, got railroaded into raising taxes even after telling the nation to “read my lips, no new taxes.” 41 was the first president to speak of a ‘New World Order.’ He had us all wondering what that meant. He knew, but he wasn’t saying. The Clinton(s) presidency provided leadership that enriched only themselves, not America. The Bush 43 leadership was famous for yet another intelligence failure, was busy starting wars with the wrong countries for the wrong reasons, deployed hundreds of thousands of troops when select aerial targeting and/or special operations would have been just as effective. He then spent over a trillion tax dollars rebuilding the countries, introduced democracy and Western culture that no one wanted or understood, leaving with nothing in return, except for Dick Cheney getting richer. Obama’s leadership was composed of turning inward, attacking Americans as racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and whatever else after being elected as the first Black president. And they don’t see the irony in it. He spread hate rather than love. Before speaking at Notre Dame and Georgetown Universities, like a modern-day Dracula, he had all Christian symbols, including the name of Jesus, IHS, covered in black cloth or black-painted plywood.
    Trump, the first pro-American president of the 21st century, was a president that dragged half the country, kicking and screaming, to renew its patriotism, culture, and commitment to America’s well-being…very Kennedyish. He accomplished his end of the bargain, while the Left hated him for it. Considering he was putting our country through a badly needed enema, the only crime the opposition could make stick was his bad tweets. It steamed my clams when some people’s hatred of Trump was only based on personal grounds, his hair, his ego, whatever, never considering his accomplishments. How ignorant. You could not diminish his love for his country, his commitment to its prosperity. His success was a success you could see and feel.

    Biden and Harris are the opposite personification of everything this country was founded on, self-government, law, ethics, the rights and liberties from God

    Now we have an administration unlike anything we have ever seen. Starting with an election we have never seen before, headed up by two politicians, two puppets with a hidden agenda being administered by hidden people, some foreign, one a former president. One of the two is senile, decidedly corrupt, a world-class fabricator. The other an unlikeable politician, doubtless shallow, with more ambition than competence, now clearly above her anemic qualifications, with a nervous, deflecting laugh that would wake up Rip Van Winkle. They were ‘chosen’ for their malleability, their willingness to do what they are told, their ability to read a script. They hold no core values, no mores to hold them back. They are the opposite personification of everything this country was founded on, self-government, law, ethics, the rights and liberties from God.
    Doing the bidding of a globalist agenda, godless, and greedy
    They are doing the bidding of a globalist agenda, godless, and greedy. These elites are billionaire sociopaths, displeased with the world as it is. They want to make it better…for them. These are the smartass kids in the expensive houses that want their ice cream and yours. They are the Soros types, Gates, the Zuckerbergs, the Klaus Schwab types of the World Economic Forum. He’s the guy that has gathered all the sickos together to create this new world order. He once said we need to reduce the world population to a billion people. That would mean 7 billion dead. Obama’s birthday party was a perfect picture of the world they want…elites playing while servants in masks serve them their every pleasure. Their goal is to have fewer people on the planet they have to put up with, with themselves as royalty, forcing their will on others.
    Their success has been the big sell…‘are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?’ We’ve seen a very suspicious election, and an even more suspicious ‘pandemic’ that has a survival rate of better than 99%. With a hard push for unproven, experimental vaccines, that have already killed and maimed thousands, being steamrolled by eugenicist provocateurs and greedy pharmaceutical companies, the country is now becoming unsettled.
    The Democrats can’t afford to throw Biden away just yet

    Millions of people, having previously accepted the legitimacy of the Biden administration, are now showing reservations. With the waning of their fears of COVID-19, the loss of patience with mask and vaccine mandates, forced lockdowns, and vaccine passports, people are going outdoors again. They are departing from the government mandated fear and imprisonment, showing their displeasure with it all and finding the fresh air, our God, and our founding principles just fine.
    The anticipation now is for what this government will do to give renewal to fear and the gnashing of teeth. What new variant will they come up with? What false flag will they devise to bring the people back to heel? Understand, this regime, these so-called elites are capable of anything.
    Biden and Harris will keep their jobs for the time being. The Democrats can’t afford to throw Biden away just yet. They must keep Harris where she is, the 51st vote in the Senate to break any tie, robotically obediently, and without comment. So far, Biden and Harris are doin’ what they’re told, being good puppets.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal
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    Danny Edwards Sr
    Danny Edwards Sr
    11 months ago

    Those are the puppet master running this white house not we the people. A bunch of sick depraved asholes. Wanting power and prestige over people.

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