Biden triggers attack on U.S. ammo supplies

Wants to banish supplies of ammunition that come from one country

Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh

U.S. Marines with Force Reconnaissance Platoon, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, practice recoil management drills utilizing tracers during a deck shoot aboard the amphibious assault ship USS America in the Solomon Sea on Aug. 5, 2021. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Karis Mattingly)

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action is warning of more potential shortages of ammunition since the Joe Biden administration is banning the importation of Russian ammo.

The organization confirmed word has come from Biden’s Department of State that a ban on importation of Russian ammunition is looming.

The federal department said, “New and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial.”

The policy appears to prohibit the importation of both firearms and ammo, but those firearms already were heavily restricted, which means the new policy primarily will affect ammunition that originates in Russia.

The action comes as firearms sales remained popular among buyers, with some 1.4 million units sold just for the month of May.

At that time, the report said enthusiasts were struggling to find ammunition on the shelves, and the demand remained “at a scalding pace.”

In Florida, gun owners were camping out in front of retailers for the chance to buy ammunition just a few months back. And one Arizona manufacturer said the company was facing $80 million in back orders.

One of the anti-gun efforts has been to make ammunition unavailable or so expensive few can afford it. This has been attempted through plans to require background checks for ammo purchases, or sky-high prices through taxes and more.

The NRA report said in the new move, the State Department claimed it was imposing the sanctions “over [Russia’s] use of a ‘Novichok’ nerve agent in the August 2020 poisoning of Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny.”

But the NRA reported that while that could be a viable reason to sanction Russia, “the ammunition import restriction seems more aimed at punishing American gun owners and businesses than as a foreign policy tool to influence the Russian Federation.”

Ammo exports to the U.S. are only a fraction of the GDP of the Russian Federation, “but Russian origin ammo makes up a large part of the American ammunition supply. American gun owners were already suffering from a market where demand was exceeding available supply. This new move by the Biden Administration will severely worsen the present supply problems,” the NRA reported.

The report said the federal documentation appears to allow those shipments that already have been approved, but it’s likely that ammunition will be “rapidly consumed due to present demand for ammunition in the United States.”

President Biden at one point demanded the federal registration of gun components, such as magazines, and California has moved to restrict Second Amendment rights by demanding shotgun shell purchasers have their personal information match what state officials have in their database.

Biden also repeatedly has called for bans on ordinary weapons owned and used by millions across the country, such as the 9 mm.

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[…] Biden triggers attack on U.S. ammo supplies – By Bob Unruh U.S. Marines with Force Reconnaissance Platoon, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, practice recoil management. […]


Biden just don’t want the American people to be able to protect our homes and ourselves, bad things are coming it’s just starting i


Let the murder end! brilliant Biden beheads the snake always in Your Garden Defang the Monster


Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Biden gave all our equipment worth billions to the enemies in Afghanistan, then now doing everything he can to disarm America. He’s a traitor. He wants America to fall.

Jim H

You’re obviously confused. The Afghan surrender agreement was negotiated and signed by your self styled stable genius President Trump. Surrender Agreement are not my words, it’s a phrase coined by Trump’s handpicked National Security Advisor, General McMasters.

Trump even complemented the Taliban negotiators and their fighters. It was Trump who agreed to depart Afghanistan by May 1st 2021. It was Trump who called the Taliban great negotiators and fighters. It was Trump who had Pakistan release the co-founder of the Taliban Mullah Baradar from prison in Pakistan. It was Trump who denied the government of Afghanistan a seat at the negotiating table in Doha. It was Trump who forced that same Afghan government to release 5,000 Taliban fighters as a show of goodwill. It was Trump who refused to brief the incoming administration about the terms of the surrender agreement or the situation in Afghanistan.

It was during the Trump administration that the Taliban regained control of 50% of the countryside. It was Trump who without consulting with the incoming Biden Administration who reduced US end strength in Afghanistan to between 2,500 to 2,100 troops.

It was the Trump Administration that had the idiotic and disrespectful plan to sign the surrender agreement with Mullah Baradar and his Taliban thugs on an Anniversary of the 9/11 attack at Camp David. I guess Trump wanted his photo op with yet another tyrant, like his buddy in North Korea.

Did Trump ever give any indication that he planned on flying out over 60,000 Afghans and their family members who assisted us over 20 years? Hell no! Why would Trump and his little Islamaphobe Stephen Miller want thousands upon thousands of Muslims to come to the US? Trump obviously didn’t give a hoot about Afghan Muslims.

So unless you were outraged at the time and spoke out about the impossible hand that Trump left Biden, you just ought to just shut the heck up! What Trump thought was that the Taliban had agreed to wait a few months before attempting to reassert control over the Whole country. Only idiots like Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo were stupid enough to believe that the Taliban were going to honor their word.

As LTC General Lute pointed out today Trump left Biden with one of two terrible options: 1. Continue to withdraw or 2. reintroduce upwards of 10,000 combat troops with associated support to commence another round of fighting to stave off Taliban moves to provide time and space for an ultimate withdrawal. If you had even a small grasp of the situation on the ground you would know this.

I urge you to respond directly if you have an issue with any part of this. While you’re at it, let’s see your plan?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jim H

Well if it was all Trumps plan and his fault. Why is it that Biden has directly gone against any and all policies Trump had put in place with the exception of this one? Trumps administration laid out the exit plan for the Biden administration and they ignored it. Ignored it until it was deadline time. But, instead of being resolute as the president of the United States. The bumbling idiot just decided to pull out in the middle of the night leaving billions in equipment for the Taliban to arm themselves with. So now when the world demands action in Afghanistan in the future. We will not be fighting sandal wearing radicals. We will be facing a military armed with body armor, night vision and air support. Sorry but you can only blame the past for so long before you have to be accountable for the present.

The Pilgrim

Found the seminar caller.


Trump also told the Taliban that if they attempted to bring harm to the US in Afghanistan he would bring down a force grater than they could imagine. Thkey believed him as they knew he would stop their aggression. When did the Taliban begin taking over Afghanistan? A revelation for you ( read again) under the Biden administration. Why? because they knew he would do nothing to stop them. And he gave them $85 billions in arms, ammunition and equipment.Now he will not rescue the Americans stranded there. He even told them to make it to the airport on their own, knowing full well the security taliban would stop them 9 they have already harmed some Americans trying to leave. Chances are they will be experiencing further harm, even death. Wake up, wake up! Biden is the one who is to blame, totally.

Lilo obryant

That is BS, We left equipment there for the Afghan forces we trained to stand up for their country. They failed to do that, and allowed the Taliban to take the equipment, no one left it there for the taking. Yes, you are obviously not a rocket scientist.


Yeah….well, if Quid Pro Quo Joe wouldn’t ha e left 85 Billion dollars in equipment and AMMO…. There would be less of a shortage wouldn’t there?

Tiina Yacenko

Special kind of stupid. Sad watching our rights as Americans be taken away. This is just the beginning

Christian faith

Hope this idiot gets impeached/removed from office

Tots..tired of this shit

Another bonehead move by Biden, sorry ass excuse for a president


Maybe Trump should not have freed the 5000 terrorists and then surrendered to their released leader, before inviting him to camp David on 9/10. Then pulled out half the troops on 1/15/21 as part of his surrender and a big FU to the troops and the new president. But let’s not pay attention to any of that


Don’t be stupid now that’s history

Florida Island princess

Trump didn’t release 5000 people. YOUR boss joehoe is the one that is releasing terrorists at Guantanamo!!! Idiot.


False. Sad drone
You are proof of the failure of the southern educational system. He released 5000 Taliban terrorists, including the leader, made a deal without telling our military or the Afghani government….and then cut our troops in half as he was leaving office. He surrendered, this was inevitable . But of course you’ll blame Biden and Obama. Hey….how did the Kurds make out? Look it up. (As if you could read)


I’m not a Biden supporter you sad clown, but TRUMP surrendered and did so obeying the Taliban terms. BIDEN WAS MONTHS FROM THE ELECTION WHEN TRUMP DID THIS YOU RUBE. Of courses with this partisan hack site, you got 12 upvotes for something that is even beyond the usually Q’anon level RINO garbage that gets spewed


I heard this opinion source was bad….first article ever, whoa. Definitely lives up the the reputation. Holy partisan q’anon hackery


SOCIALISM is the NEW American government!! All of you who can, better LOCK and LOAD, they are coming for your self protection!!




Try to works with facts nor nose dribble


To Jim h I couldn’t agree more, everything you said is right on, so many people don’t even get beyond fox propaganda trump practically guaranteed the Afghan gov. Was going to fail and he absolutely wouldn’t have made one ounce of effort to help the afhahns


[…] Biden triggers attack on U.S. ammo supplies – By Bob Unruh U.S. Marines with Force Reconnaissance Platoon, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, practice recoil management. […]



Cody Mouton

Fuck Biden with his bitch ass decisions!!!! We need a real president to run this amazing country of ours, with the rights that men and women had died for…..and the first and second amendment. #bidencansuckondez



Bob Loblaw

Let’s see – guns. biden. rifles. biden. rifle scopes. biden. crosshairs. biden. NOW you’re talkin…


Every time this clown talks or does anything he ruins our country. He armed the Taliban to the teeth but does everything in his power to disarm Americans….. the clown show continues


Actually, the twice impeached, one term clown lost. Even though he tried to start an insurrection. The new guy is trying to fix all the stuff the clown messed up. Such as the peace treaty the clown signed with the taliban that excluded the afgan government.


Why dont you just STFU.youve obviously been brainwashed by CNN

Robert leja

This is going to end badly as Biden is already destroying our country. What a piece of trash

Wulf jaeger

Defend the Second Amendment which includes ammunition. Likewise , defend our domestic oil supplies which is a national security issue. Likewise, defend the United States of America! Biden is incompetent. Can’t walk and talk and chew gum! Can’t read a teleprompter!


Get over it freak!

Michael McDermott

these trumpers loooove russia


…..and you commicrats love china.