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    Bill Barr Says Epstein’s Death ‘Raises Serious Questions’

    William Davis | Reporter


    Attorney General Bill Barr said Saturday he was “appalled” to learn of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide and promised an investigation into the circumstances of Epstein’s death.

    The convicted sex offender and financier was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell Friday night at the age of 66. (RELATED: Ben Sasse Calls On DOJ To Prosecute Epstein)

    “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody,” Barr said in a statement. “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered.”

    The attorney general added that the FBI was investigating Epstein’s death, and that the inspector general would open a separate investigation as well. (RELATED: Jim Jordan Rips Into Democrats For Holding Bill Barr In Contempt)

    “In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death,” Barr said.

    Barr’s statements echo the sentiments of several politicians and pundits who have expressed exasperation that Epstein was able to commit suicide just weeks after being placed on a suicide watch list following a failed attempt.

    Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “We need answers. Lots of them,” to which Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz agreed, calling on House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to prioritize an investigation into Epstein’s death over investigations into Russia and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    Meanwhile, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called the apparent suicide “bullsh*t” and “predictably Russian,” while left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore said “I guess they think a country dumb enough to elect Trump is stupid enough to believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.”

    Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges last month and was facing up to 45 years in prison if convicted.


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    c e voigtsberger
    c e voigtsberger
    3 years ago

    Well, I hope we don’t point the finger at the Russians or the Saudis the next time they decide to eliminate someone who is an embarrassment to their government. That would be very similar to the kettle calling the pot black.

    Probably the only time Joe Scarborough and Michael Moore agreed on anything.

    The killing of Epstein was a bungled as the killing of the journalist that the Saudis found to be so bothersome. The young ladies who are pursuing the claims againstEpstein and involving high ranking pols and other “leaders” should be very careful where they go and with whom they associate for the next several years, otherwise they may have mysterious car accidents, drowning accidents and be moved to commit suicide also.

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