Black Victimhood Distorts The Truth And Hurts Blacks





By Gregory J. Welborn

Black, white, red, or brown, if someone comes into my car, beats the crap out of me – breaking my eye socket – then walks away, turns around, taunts me with “what are you going to do now, kill me?” and then rushes me again, I’m going to pull out my gun and shoot him.  I’m probably going to empty my clip as well.  Someone rushing me has to be stopped, and I don’t feel that it would be in any way unjustified.  Again, I’d do this against anyone of any color, ethnicity, religion or sex.  I harbor no grudges.  I would just want to survive.  I can’t believe there is a rational person reading these words who would disagree with that, and I certainly would not anticipate being tried for murder, or even manslaughter.  Sadly, this is exactly what Officer Darren Wilson fears.  The Governor of the state of Missouri has already called for a “vigorous” prosecution before the grand jury has even heard the testimony.  The aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting continues to show how distorted and racist modern-day civil rights leaders have become.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder

Sadly, the Attorney General of the United States is fanning the flames of intolerance and hatred.  Just yesterday, he announced that “as a black man, I understand the mistrust [of police]” felt by the black community of Ferguson.  I could ask where is the evidence for such a feeling, but the more important question is why would the purportedly intelligent Eric Holder make such an inflammatory, one-sided statement in the midst of such extreme rioting and civil unrest.  Sadly, the answer is because he has taken sides and feels no restraint in tainting the investigation to perpetuate the black-as-victim social template.  Ironically, both the Governor’s and the Attorney General’s statements are exactly what the Brown family claim is being done against their son – character assassination.

Speaking on behalf of the Brown family, the Rev Al Sharpton accused the Ferguson police department of having assassinated Michael Brown and then assassinating his character by releasing a tape purportedly showing Michael Brown committing an aggravated burglary, a description of Officer Wilson’s injuries, and a witness’ testimony about Michael Brown’s aggressive actions towards the police officer. 

Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton

Somehow the Brown family is allowed to discuss their witness’ observation (that Michael Brown was surrendering with his arms up), but the police department’s release of information (that Michael Brown beat and charged the officer) is character assassination.  The mainstream press remains as corrupt in this process as ever.  They eagerly show the burglary video and chronicle the family’s feelings of betrayal without mentioning the fact that it was the press which demanded the tape under multiple Freedom Of Information Act requests.  The Ferguson police department delayed the release longer than the law allows in order to provide his mother a chance to view the tape beforehand. 

As sad as the death of another young black man is – and I do not in any way wish to belittle that loss to the family or to our nation (too many young black men die) – sadder still are the continued bias and inflammatory actions of the mainstream media and now several prominent political leaders who ought to know better.  The truth is we do not know exactly what happened that night.  A fair and balanced approach to collecting the evidence and reviewing testimony should eventually allow all of us the knowledge of who was guilty of what that night.  I’m tempted to say, as a Conservative, but this is really a bigger principle that should transcend political perspective or affiliation, so I’ll say, as an American, if Officer Wilson improperly killed Michael Brown, he should be held accountable.  But if Michael Brown resisted arrest, beat the officer and then charged him, his death will be the result of his own improper violent actions.  Again, the specific facts of that night will determine culpability, but they are not known at this time.

But there are some facts that are already in evidence.  Published FBI data show there were 12 million arrests in 2012, the last year for which there are published statistics.  Of those, there were only 400 fatal police shootings.  The death rate from police action – justified or not – is less than ½ a percent.  That’s truly amazing.  That these guys and gals put their lives and safety on the line every day and only kill someone .003% of the time is a testimony to their professionalism and restraint, not their racism or intemperance.  This is the legitimate context in which police action in this country, and Ferguson, must be viewed.

But that is not the context that too many political agitators would have us believe.  To them, this is a white vs. black issue.  Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments suggest there is a “black” view and there is a “white” view.  There is no evidence for that at all.  If so, how do we explain Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ conservative values or those of Jason Riley, the black conservative-leaning editorialist for The Wall Street Journal.  There is no “authentic” vs “inauthentic” black view of the world any more than there is an authentic white view.  There is, however, a values-based difference in world view:  those who seek truth vs those who pervert truth for political ends.

The press coverage and political pronouncements of too many demonstrate that they have a predetermined outcome they want achieved no matter who bears the burden or pays the heavy costs.  Those who cling stubbornly to an antiquated view of black victimhood and proclaim it at every opportunity are really the ones who do damage to minority communities.  It is not the cops or whites who are the enemies of blacks; it is those who would have blacks believe they live in a land devoid of opportunity and basic fairness, those who would have blacks throw up their hands in surrender rather than do the hard work required of anyone who wishes to succeed in this, the greatest country in the world.

About the author:  Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues.  He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community.  He can be reached [email protected]


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2 Responses to Black Victimhood Distorts The Truth And Hurts Blacks

  1. RICHARD SANDERS August 23, 2014 at 9:19 am

    If you are over 60 you know darn right well that Black along with white civil Rights workers of the ’60s put their lives on the line to UNDO some HORRIFIC PREDJUDICIAL POLICIES Against BLACKS. It is an ENORMOUSLY BETTER AMERICA in 2014. What we are seeing now led by charlatan opportunists such as Sharpton, Jackson and Holder is nothing but falacious, emotion stirring rabble rousing to rekindle the flames of Black against Whites. These 3 NE’ER- DO-WELLS need to be deported to Yemen where they can get a sabbatical full of hands on learning about real predjudice and injustice. WE AMERICANS MUST PRAY and LEAD TheWay Back to the Progress that Dr. Martin Luther King brought about

  2. Citizen Reporter August 22, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    Well stated, Greg.

    There is definitely unjust violence against blacks, but please consider these points:

    1. The Brown case makes a terrible “poster boy” for the cause, as the facts simply don’t support the talking points perpetrated by the drive-by media and organizations promoting it.

    2. Black on white murders are 50 times as common as white on black murders. Dozens have occurred since the Brown affair and haven’t reached national news status. Why? (rhetorical question). More importantly, why is this not headline news?

    That being said, there are prejudicial actions by LE which happen to blacks more often than whites. Whether the example that Eric Holder gave from his own experience is true or fabricated, there is ample evidence to support that such things are happening. However, black crime is far more common, so law enforcement “profiles” people, which is an injustice of sorts, oppressive to law-abiding young black men.


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