Boehner Forced To Resign – an Opportunity to Restore Law and Order

Editorial By Tony Passaro


Speaker Boehner’s forced resignation comes as a shock toEagleFlagHammerSickle many in the Washington Establishment.

However it comes as no surprise to the America conservative activists that have been critical of Mr. Boehner’s speakership all along…

To sum up, Boehner will no longer be speaker because he failed to address the rule of law crisis caused by Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs and contempt for accountability.

Below is the initial response to Boehner resignation:

John Boehner’s willingness to fund rather than oppose Barack Obama’s lawlessness is the chief reason for his
forced resignation from his position as speaker of the House.

It is no small wonder that, during Boehner’s tenure, the third party outsider, Judicial Watch, has been widely acknowledged as having been performing the oversight that should have essentially been the job of Congress.

We’ve heard from many members of the House who are embarrassed that the House committees and their oversight have become a joke under the tenure of Speaker Boehner.

Judicial Watch has had more success investigating the IRS, Benghazi, and the Clinton email scandals than any House committee under the inept and compromised Boehner’s direction.

The House simply could no longer tolerate John Boehner allowing the funding of the very things he told the American people that House leadership opposed.

Corruption in government grew and grew under Speaker Boehner’s watch.

That House, Republicans and Democrats alike, should take these pending leadership changes as an opportunity to restore the House of Representatives to its preeminent role, as defined under the U.S. Constitution……….

A reform and restoration agenda for the House must be the number one priority of any new speaker and leadership team. It is time to commit to combating government corruption at all levels…..;

The time has come for True Americans to focus on an effective and serious oversight and accountability of an out-of-control Federal Government;

Time to end the DC transparency crisis; and time to restore constitutional governance and the rule of law.

The elected despotism that the Founding Fathers warned us about must end.

This is also an opportunity for you to have a say. Share this statement or your own views with your friends, family, and networks – especially your own congressman!  The time has come for us to stand up and be counted………..The time has come for us to restore America’s faded glory. It is time for America to be GREAT again. It is time for America to get rid of the censorship known as Political Correctness………It is time for America to speak out and take charge of itself………..


Tony Passaro is the Editor of Tea Party Views, Bel Air, MD

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5 years ago

This is comedy gold!