Book Review: America The Beautiful

CarsonBenBookBy Linda Johnston, viagra 60mg MD

June 19, seek 2013

America the Beautiful is by Ben Carson, cheap MD, the neuro­surgeon who earlier this year took conservatives by storm with his pithy speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Joining many others, I was encouraged by his candor, common sense and grasp of conservative ideas. Dr. Carson’s rise from abject poverty and a broken home to such professional heights is a compelling and inspiring American success story.

I was fully expect­ing to love his book. Unfortunately, reading his ideas rather than hearing speeches is sobering and disillusioning. He was a President Carter Democrat, who, despite having his eyes opened by President Ronald Reagan, still has some of those principles inter­woven in his policy framework.

Dr. Carson believes in “embracing the positive aspects of socialism,” thinks government should pay for doctors’ education, some businesses should be pro­tected from competition by government imposed trade bar­riers, “health care basics” should be universally free, wouldn’t increase our debt even a penny and favors nuclear disarmament.

Whereas Dr. Carson does have some good ideas, looked at closely, many are naïve in the extreme and based on the notion that America and the world would be far better if the citizens of this nation just got along with each other. While true, it is hardly a plan to deal with the real politik of our problems and the bare-knuckle tactics of progressivism.

Dr. Carson’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was also well received and there are now rumors that he might take a swipe at a presidential run. The last thing the GOP needs is another inexperienced, naïve, easy talking man with a few ideas that sound good in theory, and who thinks that capitalism and socialism make a good marriage, offering the best of both worlds.

A Sarah Palin he is not. For a consistent and true conservative, it is best to stick with Thomas Sowell. All that glitters is definitely not gold.

Linda Johnston, MD is a medical doctor in general practice since 1981. She writes political commentary on a variety of current events, notable health care issues. 


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