Book signing Saturday- Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, author of The Antidote

press_release_iconNew Book Offers Course of Action to Help Heal America
from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood 

Rev. Peterson will be at the Barnes and Noble store at
The Grove in Los Angeles at 2pm to meet and sign your copy of The Antidote.

WASHINGTON — For a half century or more, African-Americans have labored under the spell of what Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson calls the “alchemists.” These are the race hustlers, media hacks, politicians, community organizers, and the like who promise to fundamentally transform America. The transformation they promise, however, produces only fool’s gold–unearned benefits like welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, payouts from lawsuits, and one day even possibly reparations. Worse, to secure these counterfeit goods, recipients have to sacrifice something of infinite value: the sanctity of the two-parent family. It is a devil’s bargain.
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To make this experiment work, the alchemists have created an ungodly and unhealthy environment, one in which the white population is made to feel guilty and the black population feel angry. The pattern in this is simple: children–black or white–when deprived of fathers grow up angry with their parents. White children displace their anger in a thousand different directions. Black children channel theirs, for the most part, in a single destructive direction–towards and against white people. The alchemists encourage them, enable them, and even reward them. This anger fuels the system and pays the alchemists’ bills.

As bleak as this all sounds, an antidote exists and can best be summarized in two key concepts: forgiveness and truth. Forgiveness and truth saved Peterson’s life, that of his son, and those of countless young men who have been counseled at Peterson’s organization, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND.

Recently released by WND Books, Peterson’s The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood represents his solution to fighting back against the alchemists. The perverse genius of liberalism has been its ability to capture black anger and project it outwards towards anyone, black or white, who resists the Democratic agenda. By encouraging a resentful dependency, liberals have instituted a new kind of slavery in the black community as emotionally shackling as the physical slavery that first brought Africans to America.

Antidote Cover High resPeterson knows this story from the inside as few other people do. Born on an Alabama plantation, he was abandoned by his father before he was born. After high school, Peterson moved to Los Angeles and for the next twenty years moved purposelessly through life, channeling his internal anger outwards towards white people and America in general.

Providentially, Peterson discovered the “antidote” to that which ailed him and which still troubles black America–forgiveness. Only after he forgave his parents was he able to see the world as it really existed and discern its basic truths. In the mission he has undertaken since, and in this hopeful book, Peterson shares what he learned on his personal road to Damascus.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the most courageous, outspoken critic of the “civil rights” establishment in America today. Raised without his father on a plantation near Tuskegee, Alabama, during the Jim Crow era, Peterson has lived a part of America’s history few have experienced. After a spiritual transformation, he founded BOND, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.” Peterson is also the founder of the BOND Leadership Academy, a private school in Los Angeles. Reverend Peterson is a radio talk show host, speaker, and the author of From Rage to Responsibility and SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.

Rev. Peterson will be at the Barnes and Noble store at The Grove in Los Angeles at 2pm to meet and sign your copy of The Antidote.

The Grove is located at 189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles 90036

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