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    By Tyler Bolsoni

    On June 1st, I attended Congressman Brad Sherman’s town hall at Granada High School. The main issues discussed at the town hall all had nothing to do with improving California’s (San Fernando Valley in particular) crumbling infrastructure, fixing our abhorrent education system, or  addressing the  homeless crisis.   

    US Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA 30th Congressional District

    Instead, it was about the process of removing a duly elected President (or particularly impeachment), Medicare for all (which costs about $40 trillion to implement in America), and establishing the Green New Deal in full force (that has a price tag of $90 trillion). The progressive left attacks on America, or their vile hatred of this country were quite evident. Some actually said the left wing of   Democratic Party is inadequate on the handling of what they call ‘misconduct’ by the  President and they should arrest him for treason (the Mueller report said no Americans conspired with the Russian Government during the 2016 election). They were somewhat emboldened by Mueller’s presser in which he  stated essentially double talk and major inconsistencies from what Attorney General William Bar had stated in public testimony. Despite such inadequacies from Mueller’s presser, they stated it  as rather evidence of obstruction of justice, even though Trump wasn’t found guilty of colluding with the Russian Government or obstruction (how can you obstruct a crime you didn’t commit?) .  

    Forget reality, logic, and reason- they have so much disdain and vileness towards President Trump. They simply want to undo the results of an election by abolishing the electoral college, stating it’s “racist” as I paraphrase the Congressman.  He exclaimed that South Carolina, (as an example) had a small population in which they owned slaves, and to make such a discrepancy in population fair, the state used the “racist” electoral college to make it fair. This simply is a false statement in which the congressman touted in delight. Rather, the electoral college was established to make up for such population discrepancies or more simply the founders of this nation established this system because they realized that a Parliamentary vote (which the Congressman was pushing for), in which a majority rule, will have too much influence over  states with smaller populations.  This is an example of how a constitutional republic should work, and Democrats use this system in their own nomination process. Take 2008, when then Candidate or Senator Obama lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, but won the nomination for the Democratic Party because he earned more delegates. This wasn’t considered racist at the Democratic convention, but made the then Senator the first African -American Presidential nominee . Surprisingly, no one on the Democratic side felt it was ‘racist’ in 2008, but celebrated it as diversity and equality. This points to the hypocrisy and  also  shows  their personal animus  towards President Trump and not the electoral college. Simply, they lost an election, and they just want to undo the results of 2016. The ‘liberal elites’ feel that they are more entitled to decide the election than those ‘middle Americans’ , essentially calling them inept to decide their own fate.

    The Congressman also had some quite peculiar and contradictory statements on immigration. Congressman Sherman expressed that the Trump Administration’s hard line immigration policies are inconceivable and inhumane. Essentially he/they believe that America must take on the burden of taking care of illegal immigrants. He also went on to say that the United States census shouldn’t exclude illegal immigrants . In essence, he was driving the point that federal funds shouldn’t exclude illegal immigrants and should just count a total population of a particular area (instead of how many actual citizens are in a particular area). While his stance on Illegal immigration doesn’t seem paradoxical, until asked a question about why does the legal immigration process  take so long? He said, (as I am paraphrasing) in response that the immigration process takes extremely long because we have to vet and make sure the persons we are letting in are not going to be a burden on society, or the state. My question is why doesn’t he think illegal immigration isn’t a load on our society?   Aren’t we put on the hook to take care these people when they enter our country? After all isn’t it that Americans are paying this burden through taxation? These paradoxical statements  show that the Democratic Party isn’t the party of the rule of law, but rather shows that they chastise those that do it the right and lawful way.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Tyler Bolsoni is our youngest Citizens Columnist, 15 years old, home-schooled and writing for us on and off since he was 9.

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    Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez
    3 years ago

    Thank you for covering Congressman Brad Sherman’s Town Hall meeting. Keep up the good work!

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