Breaking Division: Silencing the Wrong Whistle



By Mike Smith

Conservatives: We must start bearing the burdens of those we are joined at the heart with. Not only our biological families, but also our fellow conservatives (those who are honestly conserving, that is). Even the most well-intentioned folks cannot help everybody—this is an enduring truth of the American story. Such is life.

How we treat each other is the loudest signal we send to the Left. When we do so poorly, the signal becomes a dog whistle—one that always results in more division and infighting. This is no accident (it never has been). And there is a reason.

We are not the authors of this dog whistle dynamic, but the finishers. And this is just as bad. Those who are dividing us are using us against ourselves. Yes, there are still too few hands on the Left to thrust their dirty deeds to completion without the assistance of willing accomplices on the Right. The Left seeks to conquer us by our own hands.

To do the Left’s bidding is to advance what’s destroying America—directly or indirectly, malice or none. But to defeat the Left and end their ambitions in America, we must first stop being the agents of our own divisive untying.

The bite the wrong whistle brings is always worse than the bark that would otherwise be.

At this time, all the Left can do is use whatever ignorance we have against us—something also being done by fake conservatives whose loyalty to America is a fiction. But this is all the Left needs (and has ever needed). We should have known this a year ago.

Look: there’s a limit to President Trump’s authority—we are the ones who will determine whether our republic is kept or crushed. The White House is embattled with the same Left-engineered division we are undergoing because we, the people, have tolerated it. Enough is enough, folks.

Once we begin to rightly separate ourselves —as a movement— from the Left’s dog whistle traps, leftists will only chase the failures of their own destructive pursuits.

Once the Left can no longer use us to devour one another, it can only start devouring itself. Our task is to get the Left to that point, and keep it there until it no longer threatens our loved ones or us. For many, it will mean getting loved ones back.

Still, those we really cannot help are worth not helping—the compassionate thing to do with true fools is to let them reach the ends of themselves. The sooner we end our (engineered) voluntary victimhood, the sooner we can make America great again.

Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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