BREAKING: Idaho Laboratory Owner Sounds The Alarm On COVID Vaccines.

by Chris Bailey

16 September 2021, Ventura County California

 Dr. Ryan Cole, Idaho pathologist, who also owns a diagnostics lab, reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients.

In the announcement, Dr. Cole compares the COVID vaccine as a “reverse HIV”. It is known that CD4 Helper T Cells are reduced by the HIV virus, whereas in real time Dr. Cole has found COVID vaccine patients are presenting a reduced Killer T cell load, and these CD8 Killer T cells are needed to ward off many different attacks such as Herpes,  Mononucleosis,  Melanomas, and endometrial cancers. Review an extensive article on SARS-COV-2, vaccines, and existing treatments and protocols of post-pandemic America here

Dr Cole goes on to state that with the exception of a German study linking the Pfizer vaccine to blood clots in young adults, there are currently no studies to track or follow COVID vaccine recipients, and no studies to review any potential regeneration of Killer T Cells over a 2 or 4 month time window. These Killer T Cells are needed to ward off future disease.

Dr. Ryan Cole, a Central District Health of Idaho board member, was recently the target of complaints to Idaho’s Board of Medicine over his views on COVID-19. He states the “intrusion” of politics into physician/patient relationships “must end.” Cole believes policies interfering with that relationship “may actually constitute crimes against humanity.” Dr Cole is referring to the experimentation on population using unapproved medical procedures, without Informed Consent. An analysis of these concerns can be found with a review of Dr Fleming’s work Event 2021

It was learned recently that a subject of a Citizens Journal article was pressured by her attending physician to receive the COVID-19 vaccine while in the Santa Paula Hospital for observation, as “there is no evidence” of death or clinically analyzed effects from the vaccine. The doctor who pressured this patient had already received the COVID-19 vaccine, and disclosed this to the patient as affirmation of the efficacy of the shot.

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo

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Jose Hector

I for sure will never get the Chinese unborn babies cells spiked experiment in my body and it’s against my religion, I rather die!


Nothing new here…. they have been giving us the cancer epidemic since polio. The facts are there. Read The Virus And The Vaccine by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumaker. In the book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam, you will see the fried body of Dr. Mary Sherman, who was using a particle accelerator to mutate animal cells so they could give cancer to someone under a months’ time. I am NOT joking! The bioweapon was for Castro, and was used on a prisoner from a mental hospital. He got cancer in 28 days. They (NIH) have known since Polio that the filthy, virus infested monkey kidney cells (they are still using), have SV-40 (Simian Monkey Virus #40) in them and SV40 is able to cause cancer on its own. It can lie dormant as well. This gives them plausible deniability. What can you expect from people who worship lucifer (rebellious, created fallen angel) as their god and think that we are related to monkeys….

R Nichols

I knew the secondary kill factor of these vaccines would be cancer along with lowered fertility amongst the jabbies I

Jeffrey Snyder

This a true article the proof is the new Eli Lily drugs to help boost T-cells to fight of cancer and help white bloods cells ? To many cooks in kitchen to make anything good !

Chickie Fillette

The Bioweapon ‘vaccine’ makes you susceptible to the Bioweapon released by China and it makes you susceptible to auto-immune diseases.

Were the mRNA ‘vaccines’ intended to cure or kill?


GOF (gain of function) research is not for the cure. Trying to get a bat virus to be MORE transferable & lethal to humans, isn’t ever good for us. They can spin the narrative all they want, but, this doesn’t benefit us. However, all military research around the world, is always interested in or supportive of tinkering with animal & flu viruses. Why? It’s for bio-warfare.


[…] is my version of title by Chris Bailey at Citizens […]


With this guy at the helm it’s truly incredible Idaho has a massive COVID surge and has been forced to ration health care due to their hospitals being overwhelmed by cases from unvaccinated patients.

Thankfully there’s a silver lining for this guy. Reportedly his profits have gone through the roof due to all the lab tests he’s running to keep up with the illness he’s encouraging.

As all my friends on Citizens Opinion say, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Mike Smith

“As all my friends on Citizens Opinion say, FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

Do you believe financial tracing (i.e. ‘follow the money’) is not a credible investigative method, @RealJesse?

(In general — not just journalism).


Yes I do think it can be a valid lens to look through, depending on the specific circumstances at play. Other perspectives should be brought to bear too — power, sex, altruism, racism, fear, compassion, hate, etc, etc, etc

Funny thing is that in this case FOLLOW THE MONEY leads directly to a lab owner writing specious opinion pieces that line his own pocket at the expense of those who believe his claims. You’d think the gentle readers of this publication would agree this guy is a self-serving POS. Yet for whatever reason my comment has been downvoted by them. Maybe those who downvoted the comment are in on the scam too, who knows. Whatever.

I know we don’t always agree Mike, but it’s actually refreshing to get into a real discussion with you rather than the name-calling and wild assertions that often get posted (yes, I’ve been guilty of it too).

Maybe we can continue with real discussions on other topics too and start building the bridge between citizens with differing perspectives this country so desperately needs. I’m sure we won’t always agree but I suspect there’s more common ground than we realize.


Tell us the death rate of those in the ICUs, Jesse. Show us the data that the deaths are from ONLY covid, and not from comorbidities. Show us the data that proves your toot, that it’s a crisis, solely because of the unvaccinated. Why is it that Britain and Israel is having a surge in cases, when 85+% of their population is already vaccinated…with the majority with a 2nd and even 3rd jab? Why can’t you explain why monoclonal antibody treatments and other prophylaxis/early onset infection treatments with Hydroxychloriquine & Ivermectin (to mention a few), have a very high success rate in saving lives? Why would cheap/proven safe medicine usage be rejected, while mandates are pushed for an experimental vaccine? Oh yes, that’s because big pharma makes billions off of their vaccines. Where’s the data on those long term/negative affects of the vaccine? The CDC already reported over a week ago, their death numbers were incorrect, and that probably only 5.6% died from covid only. Extrapolate the numbers, and that comes close to 21k-22k dying, only from it in the US. The seasonal flu kills more people, of all ages, every year. I never recall the flu vaccine being mandatory.
Besides, if you want anyone to take your rants seriously, don’t use AP as a reliable source. Do some research on the “journalist” Rebecca Boone, who wrote that article. Anyone that has terms/references in her bio like: social justice, environmental activism, support Reclaim Idaho & the Fairness Project (both, partially Soros funded), I see a liberal-left hypocritical alignment.


Tripe, made up. One guy in a little lab thinks he smarter then all the research scientists in the world. Anti-vax (pro-covid) make up story.


Your comment “…all the research scientists in the world…” is highly inaccurate. I’m sure you’re talking about all the scientists who’ve been bought, because they are dependent on all the politically driven corporate research funds, right? There’s thousands of scientists speaking out against the vaccine’s effectiveness/reliability…let alone the side affects the CDC, NIH and WHO refuse to mention. Obviously, you don’t know how to do independent research, without having Google, CNN and Fauchi telling you what’s smarter and true. Pathetic Floyd. Pathetic.