Breaking: Oregon standoff FBI shooting cover-up exposed?

What does it all mean?

By George Miller

Occupier’s cell phone video exposes FBI lies about protester LaVoy Finicum shooting by FBI. Investigation underway


Officer (inset) shooting at the car in which protesters were in, before Finicum got out. (frame grab from INFOWARS video)

The video, if genuine, by Shawna Cox, was taken from inside the car. It shows that the FBI or police were shooting at the car while the protesters were trapped in the stranded vehicle by the roadblock. We now can see that happened before slain LaVoy Finicum even got out of the car. The other three passengers claim he exited altruistically to draw fire away from them. Several shots appear to hit the car, causing the occupants to attempt to duck out of the line of fire. Finicum then exited the vehicle and moved quickly off the road into the snow, while this was happening, talking to the agents/police. While they claim they shot him because he was reaching for a gun (which we are told he didn’t even have with him, but FBI says he did), the video seems to show that they shot him first.


A group of protesters, headed by Ammon Bundy, (son of the famous Cliven Bundy, who stood off BLM threats at their Bunkerville, NV ranch and succeeded in getting troops to leave), occupied the Malheur site in December. One was arrested in town earlier. In early February, several were caught on the road in two cars, while headed for a scheduled meeting with the Sheriff and others.  Ammon Bundy’s car stopped during this February 6 incident and the passengers were arrested. Finicum sped off in the other car with three more passengers, but ran off the road when he saw a roadblock about a mile along his flight. The remaining occupiers left the preserve or were arrested after this incident.

Until now, the sole video of the incident made available to the public was a lengthy, grainy one, with no sound, shot from a helicopter. One of the protesters, Shawna Cox, told the world she made the recently shown video. The cell phone was presumably confiscated and the video just went public, but we don’t know by what means. It is highly likely that there is more videographic, photographic and/or audio evidence. Meanwhile, an FBI investigation is ongoing and higher ups are likely highly displeased.

Most of our readers have been exposed to articles by us, by “MainStream Media” and alternative media about the Occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters. The Occupation was to draw attention to the travesty of justice to two Hammond family ranchers. Many say they were railroaded and shockingly sentenced and remanded to prison for 5 years, now serving at Terminal Island in San Pedro, CA. They set a backfire on their own  land, which is common practice. The fire spread to over 100 acres of land on their nearby leasehold, on land the federal government claims as its own- more on that later. But they were convicted of arson and even terrorism charges.

The backstory was that federal government officials have been harassing them for years, in attempts to drive them off the land. Their grazing limits have been lowered multiple times and various unreasonable requests/demands made. They were even coerced to sign a right of first refusal to sell the land to BLM, first. With the main breadwinners in jail, huge fines paid and major restrictions on productive use of the land, that’s becoming much more likely.

In December, a small group, probably about a dozen, split off from the main group of hundreds of protesters ion town, to begin what they resolved would be a lengthy occupation of the refuge headquarters complex.  More about the what and why of the occupation is contained in the referenced articles.

About the INFOWARS article

Those of you familiar with INFOWARS know that it can be good news/bad news. They are very good about finding and covering highly controversial issues and events. However, some of their reporters, including the boss, utilize a highly emotional, sensational style of coverage, which is fairly good on most facts, but often rather speculative in its conclusions. For instance, on the video, they are shouting “murder” and “conspiracy,” but that is far from proven.

But at a minimum, it increasingly appears that some very poor judgement was exercised, or procedures unnecessarily jeopardized civilian/suspect’s safety, or maybe officer safety had a far higher priority than civilian safety.

Add to the equation that armed, although rather peaceful, civilians/suspects, were involved. Most law enforcement personnel have little idea how to deal with armed, peaceful civilians, lawfully carrying arms.There is also every appearance that Occupiers/dissenters were demonized by higher federal officials and this might possibly have rubbed off on law enforcement personnel.

What are the real issues?

Some also say that federal authorities are determined to crush the “sagebrush rebellion” by ranchers who chafe under the heavy- and many say unconstitutional- hand (or boot, as they sometimes say) of the BLM, Forest Service and other agencies.  Many Constitutionalists read Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 as narrowly constricting what land the federal government can own and that millions of acres all over the west is not it. The federal government claims to own and control most of the land in the west, even here in California. Case law and actual practices have eroded that clause mightily and many want it back.


So, in spite of all of this, The prosecutor came out with a report vindicating Tinicum’s murder.


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