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    Breaking The Chains of COVID-19 Deception and Manipulation



    By Judy Bruce

    Editor’s Note: Citizens Journal will  shortly publish an article with other opinions on this, including Sheriff.

    On October 18, I wrote an e-mail to the top officials of the Ventura County Public Health Department regarding some disturbing answers they gave on their recovery website.  There were two Q & A’s  in particular that I would like to address  regarding following mandatory orders:   Question (1)  Is this ORDER MANDATORY?  What happens if I don’t comply?”.   Their questionable  answer:   Yes, it is a legally enforceable order and that it is against the law, and that it is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.”  

    Question (2)   Can I have people over to my home?  Answer:  Their first response was No.  Apparently there was a big push back, so now there is a referral to the state issued guidance.    Both answers promote isolation.   More on that later.  

    The first thing that came to my mind (and I told them so) “are you out of your minds?”  You say there is a “deadly virus on the loose”.     I believe it is a setup and a con to make us think: “we are unprotected unless you protect us” .    You are the sellers and we are the buyers.  It is a protection racket. 

    Weaponization of Language

    In regards to the first  Q & A   I asked them:    “How did a “DIRECTIVE”, or “ORDER” or GUIDANCE magically become a ‘LAW’?  Newsflash:   an order, directive or guidance  is nothing more than a RECOMMENDATION!   But since you had the nerve, to publish it on your website, please show me the LAW that is “on the books”: and please provide THE PENAL CODE!!I  If you don’t respond to me within a week, I will assume you acquiesce that there is no law.    

     I will also make sure the public knows you are intentionally lying to them in order to manipulate, intimidate,  and create fear.   Oh, and by the way, another newsflash:   We are not in a state of emergency (as if we ever were).   How can we be in a state of emergency when we are in a recovery?  “ 

    [End of e-mail]

    So what makes the order mandatory and how can it be enforced? Well, of course, they did not respond.   So that is proof there is no law; which means nothing is mandatory and it cannot be enforced.    How can something be “against the law and punishable by a fine or imprisonment” if there is no law or Penal Code? 

    This is an example how language is used to confuse; and it is a powerful, deceptive  tool of the enemy.   In the legal world, the use of this kind of language trickery, i.e. sleight of hand,  is key.   It is used all the time to give the illusion that two words mean the same thing.   In this case they want us to think that a “Order” means the same thing as “Law”.    They count on people being uninterested, distracted and lazy; and mentally conditioned to want the government to do the thinking for them.

    Regarding Social Gatherings

    To say” no one can come to your house”, or “ limit to three households; less is better”  is a form of intimidation and isolation.     Knowing very well the implications result in spiritually and psychologically broken subjects.  To add to that, besides from outright execution by gas, bullet or rope, what is the most severe form of punishment  for most violent and unruly citizens of the state?    Isolation—which is the antithesis of humanity’s interpersonal nature.    

    What’s left?   A shell of a body to be manipulated, handled and managed forcefully.      The society has been consumed by a spirit of anxiety – death is their only concern and obsession. They have been conditioned to believe that the state is their only savior!  It is a well-known catalyst for manipulation when the mind is hysterically driven to its limits by anxiety; they become  detached, broken and nervously co-dependent, disoriented and desperate.     


    All tyranny rests on popular consent.   We reject this lunatic non-reality.   Keeping freedom now is the great challenge.   Cast off your chains — do not obey.

    Judy Bruce is a local activist

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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    2 years ago

    With delayed death counts, popular COVID tracking sites mislead public, fuel alarm
    This is a scamdemic of global proportions… they are fudging the data by adding numbers from many previous months – the actual cases – if you can even believe these bogus PCR tests that are magnified twice as much as they’re supposed to be – have flat lined – in additon, did you notice no one seems to be dying of influenza these days? They usually are by this time… they are taking the usual seasonal influenza deaths and calling them covid – a hospital is paid thousands of dollars extra for a covid death… fight tyranny for your very lives!

    2 years ago

    Much ado about nothing. At least, she not wasting ink in this forum.

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