Brownley comes home to promote $half-billion Federal “donation” to Planned Parenthood


By George Miller

U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley (D, CA CD26 ) held a Pro-Planned Parenthood/Pro-federal funding ($500 million) rally at the Ventura County Government Center. There were an estimated 100-120 people in attendance (PP claimed 200+), mostly pro, with some pro-lifers there as well- not many- 15-20 per pro-life organizers. Last week, a nearby pro-life rally had about 350, with about 80 of them pro-choice people.


Congresswoman Brownley was there to generate support to help stop Congress from defunding approximately a half-billion dollars annually given to Planned Parenthood  through multiple channels. She is a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood and abortion-on-demand. Pro-choice forces state a case that the money is needed for important health care services that would not otherwise be provided, subjecting women/girls to be uneducated about reproductive matters, un-counselled, untreated, etc. They claim that none of the money goes for abortions. Opponents claim that other organizations could provide the services and that money provided for other purposes merely frees up more money for abortions. 

Most of the participants’ signs made it clear that they were solidly behind Brownley’s position. We couldn’t find any Brownley advertisements for the event (but did see one in Planned Parenthood), so it is likely that most participants were supporters who learned about it from Brownley’s office or PP.

Planned Parenthood ad:


Come out and thank Congresswoman Brownley for being a champion for reproductive health care and rights, and make sure she knows you stand with Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood is FIGHTING BACK in February. As you may know, Congressional recess will be February 18 – 26. This is the single most important recess in Planned Parenthood’s history — we have to show up strong and make sure members of Congress hear from us and our supporters. This will likely be the last time they are home before Congress votes on legislation to defund and shut down Planned Parenthood health centers.

Bring your friends, bring your signs*, bring your pink! *No signs on sticks permitted at the Government Center.


Attendee Anna Murphy told me a friend attempted to dialogue with a pro-choicer who would not engage at all. The only reaction was when she was asked: are you a mom or a grandmom? She responded “do I look that old?”

Others told us that they were pushed, told to leave, even cursed out, but that most people there were civil.

Per Defenders of Life Ventura Leader Ed Wurts:

A small crowd in terms of a US Representative leading it.  I did not count, but estimate 80 to 120.  They barely filled one-half of the center circle of the Govt Ctr courtyard.  Rep. Brownley arrived at 10:00, smiling at me as she passed close, and spoke for about 20-30 minutes and it looked like she left then. Lots of pro-PP signage of course.  A local news outlet (not the Star) interviewed a friend standing with me.  I heard that the Star was there.   We had some 4′ x 5′ (approx) signs of aborted babies, one held over the man’s head, behind Brownley as she talked!  (Ed. note: See photo, above) Peaceful.  Some productive conversations.  Mostly folks shouting ridiculous objections as they walked by.

The venue allowed for visibility to individuals who were not there for the event.  We received support from and provided support to citizens who were not expecting this opportunity.  Several folks who were walking by approached me separately as I held the large photo poster of the aborted baby and gave thumbs up and/or verbal support and then continued on.  Two men were jurors on their break from jury duty who specifically  thanked me for being there with that photo.  I’m sure other pro-lifers received similar supporting comments.

More info: [email protected]


Mary Rose Short:

Yes, I agree with Ed. I was out by Victoria with a banner for most of the event and received lots of thumbs up and honks of support. The only negative reactions I saw were from people clearly there to attend the PP event.

Gloria Massey-Chinea:
The group was small probably not more than 100 people, mostly females.
We were present this morning holding pro life signs.  It was again a rally to move the masses and agitate the community of passionate people with the vision of funding PP which they believe is the right decision.  The congresswoman again just pressed on her position of stating that the actions in Washignton was to remove healthcare benefits to women and the right to choose.
Besides holding signs I personally spent time doing one to one conversations with people discussing why we believe in defunding of PP and getting real healthcare services to women in our nation and VC and not using our tax money to pay for abortions in proper settings vetted.  In reality that is the challenge that congresswoman should be focus on in representing all VC constituency, not only her rhetoric and the PP agenda.  Congresswoman sounded more like an employee paid by PP than from being a public servant paid by our tax dollars…. totally biased.  Her information was a rally for PP.
In my personal experience there were several females with the PP agenda that were very aggressive and wanted to engage in some type of confrontational event specifically with me. One particular female tried to push me in my left arm where I almost lost my balance and engage screaming in my left ear vulgar words and commentaries.    I personally stay put in my position on in my rights to be there expressing my position without any agitation or engaging with of the insults and vulgarity.
There were two specific incidents where I was able to talk to females and had a civil conversation and expressed why the defunding and protection of life was important from conception to natural death.
After the conversations both females thank me for the information and respected the position as well as they welcome to have a bigger dialogue where things could be presented without any type of rallying or inflammatory agenda and to hold meetings with the topic of better women’s health.  They welcome a setting where things would be discussed and brought to a solution for woman in our county. I told that this is the challenge that we have presented to the congresswoman to be professional and provide a setting where things can be presented in factual way and with civility without all the distractions and the noise.
My impression was this was a gathering to make noise and have a check mark of something accomplished by the person that has the elected seat in Washignton.
It was my impression again that it was a one sided event and no balance of factual data from both sides to make a rational decision about the issue.
My family was witness of people coming down from a chartered bus with people walking towards the courtyard with signs and pink hats… I wonder if they planned to provide transportation to be at this rally?  I wonder if they were paid?  I wonder why able people of working age group were there… ?  

We need more education and actual facts on how is affecting our community.  Totally disappointed in the unprofessional presentation done by an elected “professional” individual.
Again my challenge to her and her office staff is to present both sides of the situation and be factual.  Once that happen we will have more people towards the Pro-Life movement and for the respect of life from conception to natural death as proven by my personal experience today.
With all my respect to you and with the love for life.

Joan Lopez:

Upon arriving I spoke with the two security people to be aware that although we would be small in numbers that the PP Group could be upset with words and actions. The women in charge led cheers and chants to discourage us. They did not. I was asked to put my sign down, to stop pushing, and asked “Why am I here?” Before Congresswomen Brownley spoke (she was the only speaker and we Pro-life People were not recognized by her nor asked for any comment.

A man approached me in a gentle voice and was trying to tell me we are wasting our time for our message at this event. He was wearing a Trump hat and when I noticed the word F**K before the word Trump,  I politely said there is nothing more I want to hear from you. I do not listen to a person who does not respect our President and would wear this to any event. What kind of a message are you sending to our youth and children?
 The security lady was right there and asked him to step away from me as I have a aright to be there. One woman was my shadow the whole time and she followed me and would put her arm with her sign in front of me and my sign. I was always on the move and then ladies would tell me to quit pushing. I said I am not going to leave. I also challenged them to a real Town Hall Meeting with Brownley.
This is grass roots? I invited two men from my church who are involved with Pro-Life. Ed and Andy. I invited them both to our supporters meeting on Thursday. They were very interested in what we have just begun.
More Photos are on Planned Parenthood page.

Several people contributed to this column, including Gloria Massey-Chinea, Deborah Baber-Savalla, Ed Wurts, Anna Murphy, Joan Lopez and Central Coast Planned Parenthood action

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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William Hicks

Easy for Brownley to support PP. After all, her mother might have missed the opportunity for an abortion at her birth.