Bruce Boyer; campaign for Ventura County Sheriff: Call to Action: 3-22-2018

Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Sheriff Campaign


We are mobilizing the patriots of Ventura County and those who want to earn our votes to be our elected officials; to call out our elected City Councils and Board of Supvs. We will be attending the meetings of EVERY City Council in the County and using our public comment periods to demand that they agenda a public forum and a vote to defy the SB 54 Sanctuary State Rebellion. To order our police and Sheriff’s Dept to refuse to comply with this rebellion; to turn over ALL Illegal Aliens to ICE! ALL means ALL! We will be at the Council meetings starting March 26th of EVERY City in our County until we defeat the rebellion! They are Camarillo; Fillmore/Piru; Moorpark; Ojai; Oxnard; Port Hueneme; Santa Paula; Simi Valley; Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park; Ventura city and the Ventura County Board of Supvs.

Defeat the rebellion! The citizens of Ventura County are patriots!

SB 54; Sanctuary State, is rebellion. Of our 58 elected County Sheriffs in CA not one will resist the rebellion. Most actually support it and the others are unwilling to act to defy it (cowards). They have betrayed their Oaths of Office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.     As they do this, they support an invasion of our Country. This is arguably treason as well. Of all the elected City Councils; Are there any who are ordering our police or contracted Sheriff’s Dept. to stand up to the rebels? One, Los Alamitos; Out of four-hundred eighty-two cities!

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept’s participation in and support of the rebellion makes the Dept. rebels. As does the Police Depts of Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Ventura. The deputies and officers may not support it, but they have no say, they have to just shut up, do as they are told, or quit. The cannot transfer as every other Police and Sheriff’s Dept in the State is either actively supporting the rebellion or cooperating in it.

The current rebel in chief; The elected Ventura County Sheriff G. Dean has endorsed his #2 man at the VCSD, “Bill” for County Sheriff in the June 5th election; to carry on with thier rebellion.

The people of Ventura County do NOT support this rebellion. The Illegal Aliens have their political backers in Sacramento and number 100,000 of the 650,000 adults in the County, and they are voting! The people, if given the choice, will elect a Constitutional Sheriff to end the Sanctuary State rebellion!    A Sheriff who will turn over ALL the Illegals to ICE. We must act NOW, or we shall be defeated!

Bruce Boyer is running for Ventura County Sheriff. A soldier; businessman; and patriot. Boyer will defeat the Sanctuary State Rebellion. Boyer will restore our Constitutional rights and liberties; end the enforcement of laws as to victimless crimes; refuse to compromise our 2ndA rights; investigate and end the trafficking in human slaves and of human body parts; not wage the unwinnable drug-war; restore our liberty and justice.

Will you be a Patriot? A Rebel? Or a coward?

Will my fellow veterans stand with me for the Union and liberty?

I ask you; What would Sam Adams do? (WWSAD?)

[email protected]  BBforVCS on facebook

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