Bruce Boyer campaign for Ventura County Sheriff



By Bruce Boyer

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff for the June 5th election; as represented by attorney Joel Farkas has a hearing scheduled for April 18th Dept 41, VC Superior Court, on his request for a writ of mandate that he, as he is a fully filed candidate, be placed on the ballot.

Ventura County Clerk Mark Lunn refused to place Boyer, a fully filed, paid for, nominated and sworn in candidate, on the ballot; claiming that Boyer failed to ‘prove’ that he is ‘qualified’ in reference to election laws (13.5) that require a candidate for County Sheriff to prove to have had ‘salaried law enforcement experience’ (or to have been the County Sheriff). The same law also places ‘qualifications’ on candidates for judge; excluding persons who are not long-standing attorneys. A ruling to find the ‘qualifications’ to run for Sheriff unconstitutional would also likely apply to those for Judge; opening up those offices to ‘unqualified’/ regular citizens, something the Judges might not wish to have in dealing with outraged citizens who want to throw a judge out of office.

A further challenge to the ‘qualification’ is that they are discriminatory. The only way for a citizen to become a ‘salaried Law Enforcement Officer” is to be admitted to a State-run training program, academy, and work for the Government. This excludes private sector people, career military or other specialties; Persons with even minor physical imperfections, or who do not meet otherwise non-discriminatory ‘physical requirements”. Education requirements; ‘hiring preferences” such as an arrest or admission. It also discriminates against persons because of their age or when they were younger were denied because of their race or gender.  Such ‘qualifications” are not discriminatory as they apply to the job; but they are when it applies to an elected office of, by and for the people.

The legal challenge is to overturn the County Clerk’s tyranny and restore the rights of all to run for office and the right of the people to elect the candidates of their own choosing. The Clerks ‘decision’ eliminated Boyer and eliminated the choice of ‘A” or “B” as a choice of “A” only is NOT an election.

Article I of the State Constitution is clear in calling for the ‘election’ of County Sheriffs. There are no ’qualifiers’ to this in any way. Any ‘qualifiers’ would have to have been passed as amendments to the State Constitution, none have been. Nor is there Constitutional authority for a County Clerk to ‘rule’ to ‘find/determine’ whether a candidate is ‘qualified”. Such a finding/ruling would have to be made as to a matter of law; by a Court, with due process.

The matter has already been decided by the courts in Baca v. Los Angeles County from 2003; supported by an AG opinion that “restrictions” as to the election of County Sheriffs are unconstitutional, even if enacted by a vote of the people.

 How the action of the County Clerk to deny the people their choice of candidates remains to be seen. The County is proceeding with the printing of ballots and there are election deadlines both State and Federal that come into play. When the Court orders Boyer to be placed on the ballot; how will that affect the timeliness of the election, and the cost to the taxpayers?  As the elected Sheriff does not take office until January regardless; one possible remedy is for the Court to enjoin the Clerk from certifying the June 5th election and order that the election for Sheriff be placed on the November ballot, as the June 5th ballot is actually the primary.

Another challenge is as to the County’s position. The County Counsel works at the direction of the Board of Supervisors. The case was filed on March 21st; yet the Board has not directed the Counsel as to any action.  If the County Counsel is to take any action; it must be approved by the Board and they have not set an agenda item as to this. Boyer will be calling on the Board at their Tuesday meeting to agenda a public forum, allow the public to weigh-in. Does the public want the County to uphold their right to vote, for the candidate of their choice or do they want the Board to limit their choice (in this case to one). Regardless of one’s preferences as to a candidate; one for civilian oversite or Law Enforcement oversees itself; who would argue that the citizens should not have their right to vote as they deem best? To impose ‘qualifications” is to deny a government of, by and for the people. 

Boyer is fully qualified in that he will obey his Oath of Office; to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Boyer will be a Constitutional Sheriff. His opponent denies his oath, making him ‘unqualified”.

Why would the Clerk, or the County Supervisors go to these lengths to eliminate Boyer? Boyer is a “Republican”, though clearly of the “wrong sort”. It may be a combination of factors ranging from their resentment that Boyer is NOT a career Law Enforcement guy and not playing the game (they do not want a civilian to oversee Law Enforcement) or could it be that they do not want the SB54 Sanctuary State Rebellion to go before the voters?  Clearly, THEY are VERY concerned that Boyer would of course, win!

Because the legislation and actions to make CA a Sanctuary State, is rebellion. The VC Sheriff’s Dept’s participation in and support of the rebellion makes the Dept. rebels. The deputies may not support it, but they have no say, they have to just shut up and do as they are told, or quit. The other candidate, ‘qualified” by the Clerk, is the #2 man at the VCSD and endorsed by the current Sheriff G. Dean, a vocal supporter of the Sanctuary State; they are all Sanctuary State rebels!

 This rebellion is extremely unpopular with the people of Ventura County, and if given the choice, the people will elect a Constitutional Sheriff to end the Sanctuary State and to defeat the rebels. They will elect a sheriff who will turn over ALL the Illegals to ICE. The people will NOT support the other candidate who will continue the policies that HE personally set up to enable and support the Sanctuary State rebellion.  If that were not enough; THEY do not want to allow the people to elect as Sheriff a man who will take a chainsaw to the obscene salaries of the VCSD; restore our Constitutional rights and liberties; end the enforcement of laws as to victimless crimes; support the citizens’ right to be armed; investigate and end the trafficking in slaves and of human body parts; end the unwinnable drug-war.

Bruce Boyer

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