BSF Gym Superior Court hearing rescheduled to Friday

By Michael Hernandez 

VENTURA—The court case involving Josh and Lindsey Kohn, owners of Better Stronger Faster (BSF) Gym, who have been fined $3,000/day ($500 from Ventura; $2,500 from the Ventura District Attorney) since June was rescheduled to Friday (Sept. 4) by Judge Henry J. Walsh, of Ventura County Superior Courtroom 42.

A Freedom March rally in support of BSF Gym at the Ventura Government Center was attended by 50 supporters Monday starting at 8 a.m. Some 25 stayed for prayer for the Kohns’ just before they entered the Superior Courthouse.

Photo: David Pu’u

“Gold Gyms and 24-Hour Gyms can remain open in other States but our independent gym will die if we do not stay open,” said Lindsey Kohn to the Citizens Journal during the Freedom March rally. “The State of California has been fighting our open gym and Ventura County and the City of Ventura have been enforcing a closure upon us.

Photo: David Puu

“We cannot be open outside because of air quality issues; lack of outdoor space that is ours; uneven payment; and the inability to anchor down our gym equipment.”

Josh and Lindsey Kohn, owners of Better Stronger Faster (BSF) Gym, Photo Michael Hernandez

Lindsey and Josh were the frontpage story of The Conejo Guardian distributed last week. Taylor Chian reported that Ventura County District Attorney Gregory Totten had charged them with contempt of court and had issued the gym a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). “We have not had a single case (of COVID) linked to our gym,” said Josh Kohn.

Photo, David Puu

During Fireside Chat #142 (Friday, Aug. 21), Pastor Rob McCoy gave Lindsey and Josh Kohn a check of $15,000. To view the interview, watch the first eight minutes of the livestream. See transcript below:

Screenshot: Pastor Rob McCoy and gym owner Lindsey Kohn

Rob McCoy: “She said, ‘Are you Rob McCoy,’ and I said: ‘Yes I am’ and you gave me a hug and told me that you had just gone through a contempt hearing yourself for your business: BSF Gym.”

Lindsey: “We stand for teaching people how to really fight this virus and be healthy long-term. Seeing Pastor Rob McCoy stand up for faith and exercise his faith for the people that may be too shy to speak up for themselves; really just captivated our heart and fueled our fire. We have been harassed in our opinion by the D.A. They have a restraining order against us as of this morning.”

Rob: “You guys have remained open because fitness is critical for the health of our community and they have been fining you $3,000/day while you have been open.”

Josh: “We actually closed for two months. We complied for what we thought was a good amount of time and then at a certain point we had members and now a few employees who were suicidal—their spiritual health, their mental health was at a point that was like …I know what it sounds like when people are suicidal. It was at a point where it was definitely scary and my wife and I decided to open up May 16.”

Rob: “When did they start hitting you with the fines?”

Lindsey: “Immediately.”

Rob: “You have been running a deficit as you have been going through this and now today, they give you a contempt of court and they have given you a restraining order. They are going to forcibly shut down your business.  While the numbers of COVID are drastically dropping. The six boxes. It’s a gimmick. It’s unattainable. We are already there if you just lower the testing, the number of positive cases drops. We have had 97 tragic deaths in our county attributed to COVID with only two (a 94-year-old man and a 78-year-old female) died from COVID and everyone else died with COVID comorbidty. We are watching our community implode financially.”

Lindsay: “What better way than for people to break us down—than financially first, then physically next, and then spiritually third. What do we have left? So, I really feel that we were anointed to be in this place and to take the arrows. I know you have to do that yourself. It is not easy. We get a lot of hate but I feel that God has really called us. I feel that there was a reason that your court date was today and why we met. We’re here to support you and to support your church in any way. If they block up your building; you can come to our gym and have a church service. We have also considering holding the gym at the County Government Center if we have to.  Whatever we can do to support you. We are onboard.”

Rob: “First of all, thank you. I didn’t want this day to go by without everyone having the privilege to meet what I consider my heroes.”

Lindsay: “Thank you.”

Rob: “You’re precious. You guys said ‘you want to support us.’ This is a $15,000 check.”

Lindsay: “Oh my God.”

Rob: “We love you. We believe in you. The community needs you; and this is what we’re going to do.”

Lindsay: “I told you, that you have spiritually strengthened me by what you are standing up for.”

Rob: “This is what we are called to do. You are on the tip of the spear and people are suffering and they’re not even addressing that. You are our heroes and we wanted to bless you.”

Josh: “Pastor, I think that if you are a man or woman of faith; you believe that the body is where the spirit is housed. We’re men and women of faith. We know that if we are stronger physically; we can be stronger mentally; that spirit will connect.”

Lindsey: “He calls our temple to be strong.”

Josh: “Absolutely.”

Rob: “I want to show people how to connect with your gym. We got ‘the people’s gym.’ BSF Fitness and this is where you can find them online.  Here is some more. We’ve got their website: You guys check them out. Join them. Support them. Come out in droves. Do not let this business suffer. Push back. It is destroying our community and these people are fighting and they need your support and it was an honor to be so blessed by you Lindsay and Josh; to meet you guys.”

The Kohn’s have two children: Kaylin, three-years-old and Bailey, four-years-old. They were being watched by their grandmother; so Lindsey and Josh could be at Godspeak Calvary during the Fireside Chat.

The Better Stronger Fitness (BSF) Gym website is: The gym is located at 4580 Market Street, Ventura, CA 93003. Phone number is: 805-985-9161.

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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