Budget Crunch is here: Oxnard City Fire Station Closures

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Official Press Release Oxnard Firefighters Association Local 1684; President Jeff Donabedian RE: Oxnard City Fire Station Closures

Oxnard City Manager Proposes to Close Fire Engines

The Oxnard Firefighters Association learned today that the City’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016, includes the Closure of a Neighborhood Fire Station, and that Fire Station 8 will not open with a Fire Engine Company or a Battalion Chief. With the closure of two (2), and may be three (3) Fire Engine Companies and one (1) Fire Station, the businesses and citizens of Oxnard should be prepared to wait for an extraordinary amount of time for emergency services to arrive to an emergency incident.

When someone stops breathing they only have 6-8 minutes before brain death takes place. If we cannot get to you or your loved one on time, brain death becomes irreversible. If a small fire remains unchecked for 7-8 minutes it can erupt in to a phenomena known as “flashover.” Flashover is the spontaneous ignition of all combustibles in a room, and when it happens, a mini explosion causes temperatures to soar to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, killing all living things in its vicinity.

The Oxnard Fire Department is already one of the lowest staffed and funded departments in the State of California. Any reduction to our Emergency Resources will translate in to us not being there when you need us the most. We already struggle to meet our daily demand for services, and with these proposed budget cuts and closures, the only people that are paying the price are the people and businesses of Oxnard, not the Northern California consultant company that has hired anti-employee legal and analysis teams, like Renee, Sloan, Holtzman, and Sakai and Bartel and Associates which has already charged the City of Oxnard and taxpayers over $2 million in fees to date.

The Oxnard Firefighters Association encourages the community and businesses to contact the City Manager at (805)385-7430 to oppose the proposed budget cuts that will make our jobs more difficult and compromise public safety and our ability to respond when you need us most. We have always been there to answer your call when you needed us most, now we hope you will do the same for us. In addition to contacting the city managers office, the public is encouraged to contact the Mayor and City Council members at the following:

Mayor Tim Flynn: [email protected]

Mayor Pro-tem Carmen Ramirez [email protected]

Councilman Bryan MacDonald [email protected]

Councilwoman Dorina Padilla [email protected]

Councilman Bert Perello [email protected]


Thank you for your time, feel free to contact me for any information. Ulises Castellanos PIO, Oxnard Firefighters Association Local 1684 818-357-7114 [email protected]  P.O. BOX 5503, OXNARD CA, 93031 (805) 469-2041 WWW.OXNARDFIREFIGHTERS.ORG


Note: Next Oxnard City Council meeting is Tuesday:

Name Date Agenda
City Council Meeting June 9, 2015 – 04:30 PM View Agenda


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Larry Stein

If you started using 2 people BLS crews instead of 3 person BLS crews, you would have 50% more BLS crews, going from 8 to 12. My analysis presented at the previoius city count meeting illistrated that if therr were 12 BLS crews each crew would average 1 call for service every 4 hours.
.Analysis of BLS Calls for service

OXFD Calls for service Calls per day 360 days per year
Total Calls for service for year 15,471 17,280 17,640
Average Calls for Service per day 43 48 49

Estimated BLS Calls for service
70% of total calls per day 30.10 33.60 34.30
75% of total calls per day 32.25 36.00 36.75
80% of total calls per day 34.40 38.40 39.20
85% of total calls per day 36.55 40.80 41.65

Calls per crew per day
7 3 person crews
70% of total calls per day 4.30 4.80 4.90
75% of total calls per day 4.61 5.14 5.25
80% of total calls per day 4.91 5.49 5.60
85% of total calls per day 5.22 5.83 5.95

8 3 person crews
70% of total calls per day 3.76 4.20 4.29
75% of total calls per day 4.03 4.50 4.59
80% of total calls per day 4.30 4.80 4.90
85% of total calls per day 4.57 5.10 5.21

12 2 person crews
70% of total calls per day 2.51 2.80 2.86
75% of total calls per day 2.69 3.00 3.06
80% of total calls per day 2.87 3.20 3.27
85% of total calls per day 3.05 3.40 3.47