Building the better mousetrap for rainwater

By Susan Kline

With the possibility of greater rainfall in the coming year, Supervisor Parks spoke about capturing that water for use in Ventura County at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on April 15th. Parks said: “Noticed the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) scientists estimated El Nino by 66%… You wonder what we can do…Do rain water harvesting…we should be acting before November.”

Mohammed Hasan, who has been an engineering/environmental consultant in the county over the last three decades, emailed Supervisor Parks on April 25th the following:


Digging temp. catch basin to capture rain

Digging temp. catch basin to capture rain

“Your comments at the Board of Supervisors meeting of April 15 on capturing rainfall are appreciated. We have developed an exciting and comparatively inexpensive way to capture rainfall that would ordinarily flow directly to the ocean, and would be an excellent solution to the concerns you expressed to the board. In very general terms, the process uses portable temporary reusable dams to divert water that would have been otherwise ‘lost’. These dams can be set up and removed fairly quickly, leaving little, if any, evidence of their existence. The water can be held until it infiltrates into the aquifers, be diverted to other areas or be transported by pipelines to other locations. We have discussed the viability of this project with several agencies, including County Public Works Agency- Mr. Pratt, and the United Water Conservation District- Mr. Solomon plus private organizations such as California Women for Agriculture and American Society of Civil Engineers. We would be happy to meet with you or anyone else to provide more information.”


Temporary Dam

Temporary dam to capture rain

Even after giving his presentation to all those groups, and the serve drought, no one has taken Mr. Hasan up on his idea to capture rainwater and bank it.  With water becoming more precious than gold in our state, maybe we should think of a way to harvest the rainfall before it washes out to sea.

Hasan’s partner in this endeavor is fellow engineer, Mark Capron of PODenergy.  Both  are available to make a presentation to any group any time.  Mr. Hasan can be reached at: [email protected] and (805) 218-5574

Mr. Hasan has yet to hear back from Supervisor Park’s Office.

Citizens Journal of Ventura County ran a couple of articles on our proposed project:

Susan Kline is President of CAPR (Citizens’ Alliance For Property Rights) Ventura County, a Realtor & civic activist, residing in Thousand Oaks.

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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
7 years ago

The conflict with Mr. Hasan’s proposal and Parks “philosophy/pseudo-religon” is that of her zeal for environmental preservation. Whatever will happen to the Steelhead runs, would likely be her first reflex question to his proposal. No one dare mention that the last true Southern Steelhead run was probably over 60 years ago.

For all practical purposes, the Steelhead runs in Southern California barely exist, if at all. BUT, we still have people and production agriculture depending on water resources. The question that plagues me is…….under Parks “philosophy/pseudo-religion, are we the next specie to be endangered?