Bundys fought government tyranny- and won!


By Larry Klayman


Larry Klayman: Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA.

This week perhaps the biggest victory in the history of government prosecution and legal criminal defense was realized in a federal court in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, after Cliven Bundy and his sons, Ryan and Ammon, had been wrongfully charged by Obama deep state Justice Department prosecutors for conspiring to threaten federal law enforcement at gun point when Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents, with the support of Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents, stormed the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville, threatened the lives of the Bundys, violently assaulted family members when they would not relinquish their cattle and then, for “good measure,” killed tens of male cattle (aka bulls) used to procreate the herd and buried them in a secret mass grave, the federal judge who presided of the trial dismissed the government’s indictment with prejudice based on flagrant and outrageous prosecutorial misconduct.

This 2014 attack on the Bundys was reminiscent of the same tyrannical means used by King George III and his corrupt British Crown in the days leading up to the American Revolution, when his redcoats terrorized the colonies, burning homes and farms, seizing firearms, pillaging and stealing property and even raping and abusing American women and children. For this our Founding Fathers, lead by the likes of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, declared a new and free nation in my native city of Philadelphia on that historic day of July 4, 1776. Using what became later known as their Second Amendment right to bear arms once the war was won and our Constitution written and enacted, they prevailed.

In standing up to these modern-day redcoats, sent in by former Sen. Harry Reid’s handpicked director of BLM, Neil Kornze, whom he convinced then-President Barack Obama to appoint, and former FBI Director James Comey, Cliven Bundy and sons (who included Mel and Dave Bundy in addition to Ammon and Ryan), and his wife and family, did exactly what the colonialists did in opposing government tyranny and waging in effect a redux of the first American revolution.

In the end, seeing the steadfast, unbridled courage of the Bundys and those patriots who came to their support to peacefully protest armed with the means to protect themselves should these federal goons use the same tactics against them, the BLM and FBI fled the scene of their crimes. Before fleeing in disgrace, they destroyed evidence of their crimes, also leaving liquor bottles strewn all over the desecrated Bundy ranch, as they had been celebrating during their occupation what they thought would be their eventual success in forcing this brave family from the land, which they had ranched on for around 150 years – about 400,000 acres in and around Lake Mead.

After just a few weeks of trial before a jury of the Bundys’ peers, ordinary citizens from the Las Vegas area in Clark County, Nevada, it was learned that these government goons had hidden and destroyed evidence of illegal entrapment, the positioning of surveillance cameras and snipers, risk assessment reports showing that the Bundys were not a threat and other so called exculpatory evidence from the defense. To make matters even more damning, Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Mahre, an Obama holdover, and his co-prosecutors were caught lying to U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro about the government’s cover-up of its crimes. And, lo and behold, by the grace of the Father and his Son, a whistleblower by the name of Larry Wooten, a BLM investigator who had been fired at the request of Mahre over his coming forward about the government’s crimes, exposed even more crimes. These crimes included but were not limited to having a “kill list” to take out the Bundys along with mock targets of the heads of the Bundys hanging on the walls of BLM offices and religious discrimination against Mormons – as the Bundys are of this faith.

After years of rubber-stamping the wishes of Mahre and his corrupt Obama Justice Department prosecutors, even Judge Navarro, who had been recommended for appointment to the federal bench by then-Sen. Harry Reid, had seen enough. Like a rat fleeing a burning nest, in trying to salvage what was left of her damaged reputation – even the mainstream Las Vegas Review Journal had called her a “friend” of the prosecutors – Judge Navarro cut the prosecutors loose by finding that they, the BLM and the FBI had engaged in a perversion of justice that required throwing the case out and freeing Cliven and his sons.


As Cliven left the courthouse that day, after his “shackles” had been removed, I hugged him in a show of love for a man and his family who had endured so much persecution. In the course of the last two years since this patriarch, his sons and the other tens of indicted defendants had been incarcerated for no just cause, having been denied bail by Judge Navarro, as his lawyer I had met with Cliven at least 25 times in federal prison and come to appreciate his righteousness and principled convictions. The same is true for the rest of the Bundy family.

As Cliven walked outside of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse that day, he was greeted by other patriots who had shown their support over these many years. Rain was falling, and while the sky was dark, this magnificent victory shed a light not just on the power of God, but the nation He created. In recognizing this, Cliven saw the rain as a covenant from the Heavenly Father, as rain for a rancher from desert terrain is necessary for his herd’s survival.

All of us who greeted Cliven on his way out the door to freedom were in tears, as we realized that a divine miracle had just occurred. With God’s grace, we had fought “the law,” and we had won!

There remains much to do to bring about justice for the crimes committed by the Obama deep state prosecutors and their lying goons at the BLM and FBI, but we all learned a lesson anew that when our Founding Fathers pledged their honor, sacred fortunes and lives to form a free nation, they realized that eternal vigilance would be required to preserve liberty.

The Bundys are the proud descendants of our Founding Fathers. They are an inspiration to all true Americans by standing up, fearlessly, no matter what the risks, to do what is just and right.


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Republished with author’s permission

Larry Klayman is the Founder of Freedom Watch USA and Judicial Watch, specializing in public interest litigation

Media wishing to interview Larry Klayman, or for more information, contact Freedom Watch at [email protected].

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