Businessman Rafael Dagnesses announces his candidacy for California’s 26th Congressional District

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Now it’s incumbent Julia Brownley, Jeff Gorell and Rafael Dagnesses– so far.

December 4, 2013
Contact: Luis Alvarado
             (562) 201-5996

Businessman Rafael Dagnesses announces his candidacy for California’s 26th Congressional District
Simi Valley, CA – Today, businessman Rafael Dagnesses is officially announcing that he will be a candidate for Congress in the 26th District of California. Dagnesses made his decision after a successful exploratory phase and the encouragement of his family, supporters and other community leaders. He has watched with dismay the dysfunction in Washington with the same faces getting elected. This has inspired Dagnesses to want to serve his community as a problem-solver, who is going to Washington to reform government, not preside over decay.
Dagnesses, a long time resident of the district, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, the Los Angeles Police Department, and has built a successful real estate business. He is ready to serve with real world experience. “I’m not a career politician, I’m not affected by the dynamics of Washington politics,” said Dagnesses. “I feel I can better represent a community where I have spent most of my adult family life, and raised my children. I have committed much of my life to public service, and I feel personal freedom and holding true to our Constitution are imperative when it comes to serving the public.”
Rafael was born in Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba in 1965. His family fled the country’s tyranny immigrated to the United States, penniless but with hopes of attaining the American Dream. His family moved to Southern California’s Rampart community, an area surrounded by gangs, drugs, and crime. His parents raised him with conservative values and a strong work ethic. Rafael joined the United States Marine Corp where he was later recruited into the intelligence field. He attended California State Northridge and decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a police officer. As an LAPD officer, working in narcotics and undercover work, he saw first-hand the atrocities that drugs, gang violence and government dependency bring to a community.
After a distinguished tenure, Rafael started a small business venture and today is the owner of Quantum Realtors where since 2006, he has been amongst the top brokers in the country. His public service, entrepreneurial spirit and his philanthropist activities are the type of qualities needed for the betterment of our local economy and community in general.
State Assemblyman Scott Wilk was one of the first to endorse Rafael, saying “Rafael is committed to getting things done and has a reputation for his work in the community. He’s been successful in business and understands the challenges facings small businesses – the key to creating more jobs. He will be a great congressman.”
Simi Valley City Councilman Glen Becerra has also expressed his public support of Dagnesses, saying “I enthusiastically support Rafael’s candidacy for congress in the 26th district. He is keenly aware of the issues facing the local community. He will be a proactive leader that will serve the interests of our community first and foremost.”
Dagnesses plans to emphasize the importance of a healthy economy. “We need representatives in Washington that are committed to a growing economy that will create good quality jobs. This will be one of my priorities,” says Dagnesses. “Today, congress has one of the lowest approval ratings on record. We must go back to basics and put an end to the political games and the business as usual mindset in Washington. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work for our community.”
Rafael Dagnesses is scheduled to officially launch his campaign at the Westlake Village Inn, in Westlake Village, California. The event is scheduled for Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 4 pm. For more information, view Rafael’s website at
The 26th District includes the cities of Camarillo, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Oxnard, Fillmore, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Ventura, Westlake Village, and the areas of Oak Park, Somis and parts of the Santa Monica Mountains.
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6 years ago

I urge everyone who is disgusted with politicians AND the two party system to check out Robert Newman, NO PARTY AFFILIATION, candidate for California Governor 2014.
Make a statement to the “party machines” by NOT giving them your vote… that’s the ONLY way to effect a positive change!

7 years ago

Bravo Bill! When are you running for office?

Bill Neumann
Bill Neumann
7 years ago

You need at least 10 years (I have 45) of Manufacturing experience to know how to create meaningful jobs. Tough to do in CA with this Sacramento crowd. That’s why many business are moving to more business friendly states.
Besides, taking care of local issues/ business is a given! It’s the world events that effects ALL of us. You have to also vote in Congress to keep all of America safe, and get the answers to: Benghazi, IRS, NSA, press and many other scandals. And stop the President from making his own laws, circumventing Congress. That’s the BIG picture and so far none of the candidates have that world knowledge.
When you take the oath of office, you swear to uphold the Constitution, and right now, most of Congress has failed! Even laws that are on the books are not being enforced. The President or one of his minions just say “Don’t do it.” Every Congressman needs to step in and say “Enforce the law, you can’t ignore any part of it, just because you don’t like it”
Some of the most important laws Congress needs to pass, is to make NO law for us that does NOT apply to them! And without a loop-hole! Put an end to their retirement package — serve your country and go home! And sign up for Obamacare, you don’t get anything special.
A business person needs to instruct Congress on how to make and pass a budget. Something that has not been done in years.Otherwise government shut-downs and show-downs will inevitably continue. And needs to let every young person know that he/she MUST eventually repay your 17-Trillion+ dollar debt! Congress must stop the money printing machines, and borrowing money to have a great economy! And a much small government that is not involved in every aspect of our lives. And that means the UN to.
No matter what political party you may like, these are the facts that affect YOU. No free person can possibly want the government to do everything for you, because it will tell you what health care you can have, what to drink, what to eat, how to raise your kids, where to live, what to drive, what house to own, how much electricity or gas you can use. You see this in everything this administration is doing. First it’s a little bit of socialism, then a lot, then communism. They wan to make the USA like Europe, and the Europeans who have lived this life, say it doesn’t work.
I think we are suffering from Americanitis — A tendency to now have things done for you, rather than doing them for yourself. What if the Founding Fathers didn’t fight for Liberty, pioneers didn’t push west, the capitalists didn’t invest their own money to build America? We would now be a third world country.
The Liberals are victims of Humanitarianism and too little on common sense. They don’t want to hear about inconvenient facts.
Let’s make speaking the Truth the only words to speak!