CA District 44 (VC) Assembly race shaping up

By George Miller

It’s been an interesting year in Ventura County politics. Tony Strickland, defeated by Julia Brownley in the 2012 Congressional District 26 (most of Ventura County) race, declined to run against her again, preferring to take on the District 25 (just North of 26) race after Republican incumbent Buck McKeon announced his retirement, effective the end of his term this year. Then, current 44th District State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell elected to trade up to Congress via the 26th District and is attempting to take on incumbent Democrat Julia Brownley, a transplant from Santa Monica, as well as Republican challenger Rafael Dagnesses and leaving Assembly District 44 wide open for a Republican candidate to run– got it?

CA Dist 44 Map

The district Assembly race, which  includes Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard and Port Hueneme,  is now down to only three primary candidates:

Jacqui Irwin, Thousand Oaks Council Member and Aerospace industry system engineer

Rob McCoy, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Newbury Park

Sylvia Munoz Schnopp, a Port Hueneme Council Member, business consultant and college instructor

The primary is early June. It is likely that Ms. Irwin will end up on the November ballot, with the two Republicans fighting it out for the second spot. In California’s open primary system, only the top two candidates, regardless of party, go on to the general election and any voter can vote for any candidate.

Ms. Irwin earned a 90% Democrat endorsement vote, a strong sign of party unity and support, according to officials at last night’s Conejo Democratic Party meeting, which CJ attended. Ms. Irwin told CJ that she has been extremely busy on the campaign.  There was talk from Republican sources that running as a Republican had been proposed to her. She has a long list of supporters in government, civic affairs and organized labor.

Ms. Munoz Schopp has the backing of Latino Republican group GROW Elect.

Sean Paroski, former key aide to former Senator Tony Strickland and now with Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, left the race and has become  Rob McCoy’s Campaign Manager. Peter Foy, Governor Rick Perry and Rand Paul and Assemblywoman Shannon Grove  are supporting McCoy.

Additional dropouts: Democrats Jason Hodge, a fireman who serves on the Hueneme Port District and Ventura County Community College District Trustee Bernardo Perez.

CJ was told by multiple reliable sources that key Republicans have asked Rob McCoy not to run multiple times and that Ms. Munoz has also asked that he step down. CJ has already published several pieces on McCoy. Munoz Schnopp and Irwin were both asked for interviews. Schnopp has still not responded, while Irwin agreed last night to schedule one soon.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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7 years ago

Why doesn’t California develop a De-salination Plant To pay for it drop the stupid Bullet train that no one wants and cut the size of Government.