CA Energy Commission releases schedule for Oxnard Mandalay “Puente” power plant

By George Miller

The Energy Commission, which has the final say on any replacement for the NRG Mandalay power plant in Oxnard, released a “Commission Schedule Order” of activity and date deadlines for NRG’s Application for Certification (CEC Docket No. 15-AFC-01). It calls for a number of activities, culminating in the final staff assessment by 3-10-16, to be followed by presently unscheduled hearings. reporter Sheryl Hamlin located the schedule order. The schedule portion of it is replicated below:

Puente Schedule


The Mandalay power plant must shut down in 2020 if it does not comply with applicable environmental laws at that time. It is believed that it won’t be cost-effective to comply, so a new technology, cleaner, more efficient, smaller “footprint,” high-tech gas-powered “Puente Power Project” was proposed by NRG. The contract was awarded to them by Southern California Electric (SCE), but now it is up to NRG to secure regulatory approvals to build it.

Local opposition is strong, but far from unanimous. Opponents presented an extensive laundry list of objections ranging from aesthetics, land use and “sea rise,” to “environmental racism.” Proponents cite tax revenues, local power at the end of the grid, jobs and discount what they say are greatly exaggerated claims of hazards. There are plenty of articles about the project on the web site.

For better or worse, the legislature has assigned final decisions for such matters to CEC, “for the greater good,” bypassing local control by residents over their own destiny, for fear of NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) sentiments.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Steven Nash

“The contract was awarded to them by Southern California Electric (SCE), but now it is up to NRG to secure regulatory approvals to build it.” It’s “Southern California Edison”.

Thanks for the article.