CA Senate approves “sanctuary state” bill

The California Senate today approved the so-called “sanctuary state” SB 54, which now goes to the Assembly. This would be a statewide order not to cooperate with federal law enforcement on turning over criminal illegal aliens to them on all but a few most serious crimes and not even all of those.

Per Sacramento Bee:

Several GOP lawmakers spoke out against the bill, saying cooperation with the federal government to deport violent and serious felony offenders doesn’t go far enough and excludes those convicted of human trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon and other crimes.

Republican senators said the bill should include cooperation on the detention of all felons.

“This bill is unsafe,” said Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Temecula. “This bill is unlawful. This bill is designed to make California a sanctuary for certain dangerous criminals.”

Stone and others said the state may lose funding from the federal government if the Legislature passes SB 54.

During a media briefing late last month , U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department will require compliance with immigration law for cities to receive grants through the Office of Justice Programs.

Sac. Bee: ‘Sanctuary state’ bill passes California Senate

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I’d like to know WHEN our elected officials, elected by CITIZENS to uphold the laws that protect us, decided to betray us, their oath, and their nation. I consider any and all elected officials who support this bill to be clear and complete traitors. They should NOT remain in office, and I hope legal voters turn out in big numbers that boot them out of Sacramento and Washington DC. If you agree, get active to correct the illegal voting and convince others if the danger these traitors pose to our nation.

Eddie Byrn

I oppose the concept of and enactment of any and all “sanctuary” policies to provide safe haven for those here without permission. Besides that, it is not possible to accommodate all those who might wish to come here. We should pick and choose those to be allowed to come in and reside among us via federal laws as said in the Constitution.


I don’t think the Sacramento bozos can actually sue the feds.

William Hicks

What would happen if Law Enforcement didn’t abide by these rules? Would they be any different than California Politicians that don’t abide by federal immigration laws?

William Hicks

Sessions needs to be prepared for an onslaught of lawsuits WHEN he decides to apply the federal purse strings on California illegal invader protection act; a more appropriate/accurate designation for SB 54.