California district attorney blasts Newsom’s leadership: ‘The blood of the children…is on your

By Audrey Conklin | Fox News

‘Stop using COVID-19 to further your political agenda,’ she said

The Fresno County district attorney condemned Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s changes to the state’s bail policies amid COVID-19, in light of a recent crime spike.

Newsom, who has made efforts to reform California’s criminal justice system while in office, initiated the release of thousands of nonviolent state inmates starting in April and announced in September that he would be closing a state prison next year.

But locals say some of the prisoners who have been released, including some with mental illnesses, are violent.

“Gov. Newsom … claims that declining prison populations is the reason why he’s doing this, and he applauds himself and criminal justice reformers for bringing the numbers down. While I’m not an opponent of criminal justice reform, I am an opponent of misinformation and lies,”  Lisa Smittcamp said during a Thursday press conference.

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C. Collier

Just a note to the Citizen’s Journal: When referring to Newsolini, “leadership” should always be in quotation marks.

Mark Savalla

Newsom is a liar. The Communist Dems are releasing criminals from prison and jail in an attempt to get their vote. They are presenting their position as one that is helping the impoverished and minorities when in fact they are trying anything to get more supporting voters.