California Energy Commission (CEC) Mission Rock Peaker Plant Status

By Sheryl Hamlin

The California Energy Commission held a scheduled status meeting on December 19, 2016 in Sacramento which was available on-line via Webex or phone-in audio in both English and Spanish. The notice of the meeting is here.

The meeting was “attended” by CEC staff, legal counsel, commissioners, three representatives from Calpine and about a dozen virtual attendees. There was no one from city agencies, but there was a representative from the Air Quality District.


Air credits from Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD).

The applicant (Calpine) must buy credits before the certificiate of compliance is issued. According to the Calpine attorney, they are working with the air district to identify the ERC (Emission Reduction Credits … explained here). There is no date for the PDOC (Preliminary Determination of Compliance) from the VCAPD, per Mike Monasmith, but ideally the ERC’s will be established prior to the PDOC.

Water from Santa Paula

After discussion, it was confirmed that the refusal by the city of Santa Paula to supply water is still correct. Read resolution here. It was reported that the site is now receiving potable water, so to deny it in the future would be irregular. Mitch Weinberg said that non-potable water for processing could be brought in by truck. Mike Monasmith, CEC project manager, said that he would ask the applicant to provde for an alternate source of water. This will be identified in the upcoming Data Request Set 2A to be issued on 2/22/2017.

CalISO Interconnect Study

This issue was identified in the June 21, 2016 Issues Identification Report which can be read here. A summary of the issue is shown below. The preliminary study should be ready mid-January 2017.

Other Issues: Schedule and CLOMR

The schedule was discussed for the last part of the meeting. CEC staff has requested PDOC + 45, but Calpine requests PDOC + 30. PDOC is the Primary Determination of Compliance and is the point at which all data is received. It is up to the CEC to issue the schedule where this item will be clarified. The date to close “discovery” was moved from February 3 to February 24. This is a new date and is dependent on outstanding data requests, one of which is the CLOMR.

CLOMR, as defined below, was identified in the June 21, 2016 Issues Report.
Source: FEMA

The CLOMR is a report associated with water flooding issues and defined below and is an issue because the infill might affect the river. According to the CEC project manager, the CLOMR-F is new, thus the results of a positive or negative CLOMR-F report on the siting process are not available.
Source: CEC Issues Report

Meeting Transcript and Audio

The transcript will be available on the CEC website in 2-3 weeks. There may not be an audio because a transcript will be provided.

Other Developments

The Wishtoyo Foundation has send three documents to the CEC about this project. Here are highlights:

All documents can be downloaded at the CEC Mission Rock site.

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