California GOP Needs to Request Dept. of Justice Investigate Absentee Ballot Harvesting as Civil Rights Violation

Use of Illegal Aliens by Democrats Stephen Frank, Candidate for CRP Chair. Open Letter to California Republican Party Board of Directors

Dear California Republican Party Board of Directors:

Last year a private non-profit organization, Election Integrity Project CA, using Judicial Watch as their attorneys, filed a lawsuit against both the LA Registrar of Voters and the California Secretary of the State to force action to clean up and validate voter registrations rolls in California. As a result of the law suit, LA County has now been ordered to immediately contact the 1.5 million inactive voters to verify eligibility to be on the rolls.  As part of the court ordered agreement, the Secretary of the State must now work with the 57 other counties, to rid those voter registration rolls of illegally registered persons.  The Court has indicated it does not trust the California government or officials to do the job, noting, that Election Integrity Project CA can VALIDATE the work done by LA County and the Secretary of the State and report their findings to the Court.

The lawsuit should have been filed a long time ago by the California Republican Party, and not left to a  private organization to act.  For too long the California Republican Party has failed to acknowledge the work done by Election Integrity Project, preferring to ignore or deny there is a problem across the state with voter registration roll integrity.  Maybe if a lawsuit had been filed earlier, the results of the 2018 election in California might have been different.

Astonishingly, the current Chair of the Party in a statement on the law suit, said it really does not matter because ‘inactive’ people on the voting rolls are not contacted by the Republican or Democrat Party.  Really!  And how would we know this about the Democrat Party. And is the Chair aware that there is, in addition to the 1.5 million inactive voters identified in the lawsuit, overages of over 800,000 in LA and SD counties that include both active and inactive voters. Across just 5 counties the overages represents over a million active and inactive voters. How then, can we assume that none of these people voted when no analysis has been independently undertaken?

In the midterm elections Democrats harvested over 200,000 absentee ballots in Orange County alone; the Republican Party did nothing. And even though the Chair briefed the Caucuses, no coordinated action to harvest absentee votes was launched by the California Republican Party.  We also know, according to the Los Angeles Times, illegal aliens worked with the Democrat Party in Orange County to harvest these absentee votes, including helping voters fill out the ballots. Is this a Civil Rights violation, meant to harm honest elections in California?  Can those here illegally participate in the election process?  We need the Board of Directors of the California Republican Party to become activists, not wait for others to do their work.

I am therefore requesting that the Board of Directors send a letter to the United States Department of Justice, asking for an investigation of civil rights violations, and an abuse of the election process by illegal aliens and the Democrat Party in using illegal aliens to garner votes. I am also asking the Board of Directors to contact the President and the California congressional delegation to use their significant leverage in moving the Department of Justice to investigate these potential civil rights violations.

For years now, we have been told by our Republican leaders  there is no vote fraud in California.  Yet, In Los Angeles nine people were indicted for creating over 800 phony ballots by using the homeless and we know that illegal aliens collected and filled out ballots in Orange County.  In addition, a trial is scheduled for January 22nd, 2019 in Trinity County regarding the refusal of the Registrar of Voters to put people who registered to vote, on the voter registration rolls. These are not isolated incidents as is evidenced by years of investigation and voter fraud exposure by Election Integrity Project California.

It is time for the California Republican Party to be pro-active in stopping vote fraud and corruption of our elections.  The California Republican Party represents 4.7 million California Republicans with another 4.8 million Decline to State potential voters. They deserve leaders that will be aggressively proactive in making sure California elections are honest.

The closing of filing for the March 3rd, 2020 primary is less than eleven months from now and the 2020 Presidential election is less than 670 days from now.  Time is of the essence.  The time for talking has ended, the time for action  is now.


Stephen Frank, candidate Chair, California Republican Party

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