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    California Gov. Gavin Newsom Says State Will Reopen “Methodically And Stubbornly” To Avoid “Fits And Starts”

    By Jill Goldsmith

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday the only path to sustainable economic recovery from the battering ram of COVID-19 is to avoid early mistakes and open businesses more slowly despite the pain.

    “It’s very raw. I am well aware of the mandates we put out as a state, the mandates that are put out by local health officers… The need and desire for people to get back to work and open their doors,” he said during a virtual Q&A at Milken Institute’s annual Global Conference. “At the same time, you’ve got to balance public health if you are committed to sustainable economic growth and recovery. Not situational economic growth and recovery. What I learned is the errant way that we reopened after the first few months that we had held the line.”

    He didn’t elaborate on specific industries like theme parks, which have been vocally protesting the lack of reopening guidelines as they continue to shed workers. Disneyland and Universal Resorts Hollywood remain dark, although the parks are open in Orlando, Florida.

    “We never had a big surge like they had on the East Coast,” he said, and the state is now seeing “not a second wave but a continuation of the first that we were able to temper. So now as we have now tamed this growth and we are now reopening we are doing it much more methodically and we are doing it much more stubbornly but in a way that I believe will ultimately aid our economic recovery by not having the fits and starts that an opening and closing that I think is very likely to persist and be advanced as people enter back indoors and we start to see some transmission rates go back up. “We are going to keep a health first focus in order to advance our economic paradigm.”

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    1 year ago

    No specific plan here…like Uncle Joe..
    Whatever the scientists say , but which ones?
    I understand the panic many people feel. When the Wuhan virus first emerged , I remember seeing videos of residents being welded into their apatments , people dropping dead in the streets. I was seriously worried.
    Now that I see the true mortality rate , absent co-morbidity , and advanced age , I think this lockdown is a severe overreaction.
    As a construction worker , I am considered an essential worker , and have not been shut down. I contracted the Wuhan flu and took a week off. For another week and a half I was very tired , but continued to work.
    The number of people forgoing cancer screenings and other important procedures , the depression and siucide is off the charts. We must also consider the total destruction of a broad section of small businesses, many that have been family run for generations.

    Not even the Spanish flu shut down America , and many millions died here.
    I just think this is a huge overreaction, and a political tool…..

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