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    California Governor Announces Sweeping Student COVID-19 Shot Mandates Prior To Full FDA Certification

    by Chris Bailey

    01 October 2021, Ventura County California

    In one of his first actions since stopping an attempt by California voters to expel him from office, California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that all students will be mandated to take COVID-19 shots. When the Federal Food and Drug Administration(FDA) fully certifies the drugs created under an Emergency Use Authorization(EUA) to combat the onset of the disease known as COVID-19, the mandate for all K-12 grade students will take effect. 

    The current prescription drug known as Comirnaty, currently does not provide a Package Insert for use by medical professionals to help patients and their legal guardians to make clear medical decisions concerning the administration of any prescribed medication.

    To determine the legal and ethical rationale to establishing a mandate for all students with regard to COVID-19 shots, Citizens Journal has asked the following question of the California Governor’s office:

    “I am writing to follow up on a statement made by the Governor this morning, concerning the medical validation for the reasons for vaccinations concerning many person-to-person transmitted viruses. The statement is as follows:

    “The state already requires that students are vaccinated against viruses that cause measles, mumps, and rubella – there’s no reason why we wouldn’t do the same for COVID-19.”

    Given that all of the vaccinations the Governor mentioned in his statement were not created under an Emergency Use Authorization with the exception of the COVID-19 shots, and that each of the immunizations the Governor mentions in his statement have a PACKAGE INSERT that allows medical professionals to offer potential patients Informed Consent for themselves and their children, where is the competent legal authority the Governor can state that documents and backs up his statement that the COVID-19 shots are that same as any other vaccination?

    I await your response”

    This request was made 01 October 2021 at approximately 11 am PST. There has been no contact regarding the medical reasoning and legal authority to mandate such student submission for COVID-19 shots from the Governor’s office. We will report when we hear back from the Governor.

    Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo

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