In California, new grassroots activists lead Trump ‘Resistance’

Talia Osteen had never considered herself particularly political before the election of Donald Trump last year. The 34-year-old musician from California was concerned by social issues and often …

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2 years ago

Blind sheep, but with a sinister side. They are not into peaceful protest. They prefer a violent, “in your face” approach, to shut down your views, and intimidate you into succumbing to their way of thinking. What they couldn’t accomplish at the ballot box, is now an open “resistance” that is more akin to subversion of our laws, militant rioting, vandalism, physical assault and anything to undermine the legally elected POTUS. The people in this article sponge off our society and believe that anyone that doesn’t think like them is “the enemy”. Their kind is the true threat to our democratic republic. There is no freedom of speech unless you share their same beliefs. They are the blind minions of Saul Alinsky’s propaganda and tactics. ANTIFA and BAMN are violent groups that need to be dealt with, harshly and in kind. They don’t want peaceful protest…they willing to initiate an armed revolution.

Citizen Reporter
2 years ago

Every step that ANTIFA and the communist party take on Saturday, November 4th, is another nail in the coffin of the socialist movement in America. We have documents called the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution. Then we added the Monroe Doctrine, which states that no European or foreign powers shall influence our politics or set up puppet states in our country. Goodbye socialism; enjoy the trash heap of history.