California ranks last on small business policy list


California governments still making war on the little guy and gal. — HJTA

The following article was published on the
Sacramento Business Journal website on December 23, 2013:

California ranks last on small business policy list


By Sonya Sorich

California has landed on another naughty list, ranking as the state with the least friendly policy environment for small businesses, according to report from an advocacy organization.

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council annually ranks the 50 states based on policy measures and costs impacting small businesses. For the second year in a row, California ranked No. 50.

South Dakota topped the list.

“Quite simply, the states are compared and ranked according to how state and local government policies impact costs and incentives for entrepreneurship and investment,” Raymond J. Keating, author of the study and chief economist for the Virginia-based organization, said in a news release.

To read the entire article, please click here.

Editor’s comment: This is true almost 100% because of the people voters elect and the people those elected officers appoint. Think about it.


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